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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Man versus Machines - gadgets, contraptions

I recently stumbled upon an article on the web, talking about man being a slave to the machines he creates. It's not necessarily the way I would have phrased it, but nonetheless I left a comment. I said, "Technology backfires when it creates a distance between primal human characteristics. Obsession over these mechanical mayhems of society can often lead one astray, as it is our own godly wanna-be nature to create things or have it a different way."

My comment on that site, albeit it was spur of the moment, brings up a good point. Technology, in many ways, can create gaps in the true essence of things as it disrupts the fundamentals of nature. There are many gadgets & contraptions geared for laziness, that separates mankind from the dependence of personal labor. When I mention labor, I'm mainly speaking about the experience of getting back something from your works or efforts, earning what you deserve, respecting what you accomplish, etc. - not have some machine do it for you. It is sort of like an axe versus a chain saw.
I realize that some people can't use an axe, whether it be due to arthritis or other health issues...but if able, and I know from experience, you'll take a lot more pride in your work by experiencing it through labor as opposed to automation.

Think about a computer/internet, for example. With all of these "social networks" out there, it has placed many people even further from nature or in better words, it keeps people shut up inside their homes...while either pretending to be something else or some super hero in cyberspace or just some junky that is addicted to this glowing contraption that you stare at constantly.

But as far as "Man versus Machines" concepts, it does fall back to our godly wanna-be status of creators and seekers of absolute betterment. Unfortunately for man, humans, Homo sapiens or however you want to distinguish yourself (I'm alien with terrestrial misplacement - ha!), the good ol' trait of laziness is what can turn against us. If we do let more gadgets, robots, and machines do most of our work for us, we may eventually lose our roots & elements that once was...and remember, we are all chemically attached to this planet.

On the flip side, the robotic wonders can also be a great advancement in certain aspects. Take medical advancements, for example, that uses high-tech equipment. How can anyone argue about the benefits of that? There are many more pros, in favor of technological upgrades, but that is not the point.
It all falls back to what was mentioned earlier, when I said how technology only backfires when it creates a distance between primal human characteristics.
Now, quit staring as this computer and go outside; have some "real" interactions with nature......

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