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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Saggy Pants & Droopy Bastards

We've all seen these thugs, ghetto-fabulous hipsters, and new age droopy bastards...slang talkin' while sporting their saggy pants. Hell, some of the ones who may read this post may be sagging in their seat, when or if they run across it. Think what you want, but this is a humorous blog post with 2 links. The first link is from YouTube, called "Pants on da Ground." It is amusing, to say the least. Check it out, below:

The 2nd link, is from a news site and it is called "Tennessee cracking down on saggy pants; fine hits below belt." You can check this out, here:  [link is no longer active]
After viewing the video and reading the news link, what else is there to say? Other than your disgust for looking at droopy, saggy saggers......and the occasional people who actually takes up for this sagging display of calling it a "lifestyle" or a "personal choice" or "freedom of expression," what else is there? Well folks, there is always a 'comment field' to blast into.

Personally, my opinion is "pull ya damn pants up, nobody wants to see your crack or your undergarments!" As the individual in the YouTube video said, "Quit acting like a fool......"

Update: (Sept. 5, 2010) It seems that this "sagging problem" has hit the media again. The city of Dublin, Ga., is aiming to fine residents for sporting saggy pants. You can find it here:  [link is no longer active]

---End of Post "Saggy Pants & Droopy Bastards"

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