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Monday, February 22, 2010

Evolution Gone Wrong?

This is a humorous fun post, to break the ongoing anti-moronic, stupidity hating, imbecilic repellent monotony that is often found here @! It is always good to change it up a bit, or at least at times... Yes folks, I'm about to post an image that depicts the very possibility that something has badly went wrong with evolution... Ha-ha!
Look below:
Evolution Gone Wrong! Well, after looking at the image above, what do you think? It looks like to me, we have ended up going back to our original crouch position. Sort of like the picture of the caveman that is cowering below... LOL!

Caveman makes fire...
Hmm, the ancient aliens should be disappointed about their previous project with the Homo Erectus. Ha-ha!

Update:  I recently found another photo that represents the humorous concept of "evolution gone wrong," as it depicts man turning into a pig...  LOL!  You can find that lovely image, below:

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