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Friday, February 5, 2010

Facebook Losers & Farmville Addicts

First of all, just my opinion, I think a lot of these community sites (I've never joined any of them but have seen 'em in action) and/or social networks like MySpace, Facebook, and so on, are full of senseless morons and with people that have nothing better to do.

For one, MySpace was originally designed (if not, it sure looks like it) for young school kids, not damn adults. But now, it has exploded into cyberspace and not only involves kids, but also: bored adults, weirdos, sexual predators, drug addicts & junkies, losers, people who can't even spell their own name correctly, a variety of imbecilic beings of all ages, actors, porn stars, cats & dogs (it's possible) and whoever else that dwells on this planet...all wasting each others' time by pretending to be someone they are not - all while safely hiding behind their computer. I'm sure, 1 out of every 10 or 15 users (if that) actually use it for its occasionally connect or keep in touch with friends & relatives...and for the young school kids: hey, you guys belong on that site.

Facebook sounds like one big fuckin' joke. I'm sick and tired of hearing about these Farmville freaks and/or addicts. WTF? Who would have thought a game like Farmville would have took off like that. Since when did we have that many people into agriculture? Oh wait a minute... It is cyber-agriculture; no work involved. Anyway... Facebook, I thought, was initially used to reconnect with old classmates, et cetera. Well, now it has turned into a moronic haven of utter asininity!

Okay folks, I found a nice YouTube Video for all the recovering Facebook losers & rehabilitating Farmville addicts!
Check it out below and enjoy:

Recover people! Go outside or something! Get a life! Ha-ha! It was a very amusing video, to say the least. I hope more people start leaving these "community" sites like that.
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