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Monday, February 22, 2010

Tired of hearing about Global Warming...

Is it just me, or is anyone else tired of hearing about the Global Warming debates? You have one side saying the whole damn thing is a hoax, and you have another side saying it is real? Personally, I've always thought it was real, but I could have used some of that "warming" this winter because I currently have icicles protruding from my body, ha-ha!

Anyway, I did a blog post a while back that sums up my thoughts on this matter, in a much clearer way. I'll post the link in a moment. But first, I compare opposing views on one of the many aspects of Global Warming.

In this compare and contrast, it will feature 2 hubs from HubPages. One is talking about the effects on Antarctic ice being proof that Global Warming is real, and the other is talking about the ice at the South Pole being proof that humans are not responsible for Earth's warming effects.

Okay, here are other peoples' views & links:



Now, if you took the time to read both of those contrasting links about ice coverage in the Antarctic/South Pole, what do you think now? Huh, are you more confused? Just think, that was just one facet of Global Warming debates, as it covers at lot of aspects within this planet.

Okay, now back to my short, concise post. A while back, I wrote about how we need to redirect our focus to what is better for us & the planet, regardless of scientific data. With this attitude, it would speed up progress and mother nature would hopefully calm down a bit. Although, weather is unpredictable and reacts in a capricious fashion.

My post: We need to Redirect 'Global Warming' Debates
ice chunk
---How long will these "warming" debates continue......?

Additional, semi-related links from my Perpendicular Blog:

1) Has the Earth's Axis Shifted?  Polar Ice Melting...
2) Lake Vostok - Mystery @ the Center of Antarctica

---End of Post "Tired of hearing about Global Warming..."

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