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Monday, February 1, 2010

What is all this hoopla & ballyhoo about freelancing?

WTF? Is everybody a "writer" these days. In a way, Ad Revenue has ruined the quality on the web. Nowadays, everyone is pretending to be a writer, while typing about stuff they have no clue about, just to try and sell an advert. Anyway, that is what all this ballyhoo & hoopla is about; it's about making money. Yeah, who would have thought, right?

Freelancing by Merrian-Webster's Dictionary is... Freelance (noun): one who pursues a profession (as writing) without a long-term commitment to any one employer.

Today's meaning... Freelance (noun): any person qualified or unqualified that is still breathing air, that can type hogwash or poppycock while placing advertisements on the same page as their existing scribble. Also, any entity who is free to lance crap into the web; crapola expert, spammer, etc.

Hey, take a look below... It's a picture of a newly upcoming, freelancing, publishing professional. Hmm, I bet the donkey I depicted below, could write better than some of the morons I have read lately. Ha-ha!

Man, things sure have changed...but there is still hope. The next time you start searching on the web, I hope you brought your imbecilic repellents! Those doltish bastards are rampantly lurking in cyberspace, so look out, folks......

Update: Here is some recent slop that I wrote on an article-submit site full of amateurs and freelancing wanna-bes with a few good writers here & there, albeit the community is quite entertaining, at times...

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