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Monday, March 29, 2010

Sexy 'Big Booty' Babe - Coco

I thought it would be a good time to temporarily change up the tempo, here @ Imbecilic Repellent. Yeah, it is Spring time where I live; flowers are blooming, the temperature is rising and the snakes are coming out! So, lets bring a little eye-candy to the screen...

Welcome to Coco's World. She is one sexy, big booty babe to be found on the world wide web. At age 18, she won her first fitness competition. She has took part in many swimsuit competitions, calendars, videos, etc. Coco has even spent several months, in the past, working for PlayBoy.

For whatever reason, people have accused her of getting "ass implants." Coco has an amazing thick booty that redefines the terms "ass cleavage." Personally, I love looking at her big, juicy butt - along with the rest of her! She has openly stated that the only thing fake on her sexy body, is her succulent breast implants - weighing in at 39DD (yummy!). Coco is currently a blonde, but she is naturally a Brunette.

Below, I'll provide a few seductive, sexy pics of this enticing femme fatale and a link to her personal website...
'Click on the Images Below, to Enlarge for a Better View'...

Butt Cleavage!Very Nice...Super Sexy Babe!Big Booty Galore!
Need more pics? Visit: Nicole "Coco" Austin - Phat Booty - Part 2

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--- Click Here to Visit Coco's Personal Website (Coco's World) ---

---End of Post "Sexy 'Big Booty' Babe - Coco"

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fortune Cookies = Waste of Cookie

The crazed Fortune Cookies are a senseless, crisp cookie usually made from flour, sugar, vanilla, and oil with a so-called "fortune" wrapped inside. The glorious, fictitious "fortune" is a piece of paper that consists of words featuring fake wisdom, tidbits of lame advice or simply some line of vague prophecy. Speaking of that, you'd be better off visiting the web page: "Daily Tidbits & Word Games," if you're looking to possibly learn something each day.

It is really amusing when you are with a group of people at a Chinese restaurant who all, for whatever reason, must get their stupid cookie of fortune before leaving. It is even more ludicrous when more than one person has the same "fortune." Ha-ha! To top it off, it is really ridiculous when you know of odd jobs that exists, such as "Fortune Cookie Writer for Hire." Or, was that imbeciles for hire? LOL!

You must really be superstitious, gullible, moronic, or just damn right silly, to believe in this crap! Some people actually think they were destined to recieve their hogwash (oops, I meant fortune) within this flour-based treat of bull-shit! Yeah, it might be traditional for some, but really, what's the point? Besides, most people don't even eat 'em; they just break 'em open and grap the nonsensical sliver of paper inside.

With all of that being said: Fortune Cookies equal a waste of cookie, plain & simple!

---End of Post

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

600 lb. Woman seeks 1000 pounds!

First of all, I must say: Holy shit!

There is a 42-year-old woman in New Jersey (I'll give the news link in a moment) who already weighs an incredible 600 pounds, who has recently proclaimed that her "goal" is to consume at least 12,000 calories a day while trying to be as inactive as possible (very sedentary), in hopes to gain an additional 400 lbs. during the next two years - to put her total weight @ 1000 fuckin' pounds! Yes, you heard that right...she doesn't want to lose any weight; she seeks 1000 pounds!

I've heard a lot of crazy dung from doltish dolts in my day, but this is beyond utmost asininity! How can this be promoted as something worthy of an accomplishment? WTF?

Check out the news link below: [link is no longer active]

This is one of her quotes, from the news site: "I love eating, and people love watching me eat," she said. "It makes people happy, and I'm not harming anyone."

I'd hate to pay that food bill (estimated at $750 a week), but whatever makes you happy, I suppose. Yikes! I'd say she might be taxing something known as "longevity"...if you ask me.

I'm just befuddled at why anyone would seek this type of extraordinary weight gain; as if 600 lbs. wasn't enough - she seeks for more, but whatever floats your boat, lady. It was bizarre news, to say the least......

This post reminds me of the practice known as "beefing up livestock," as depicted below:

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Educated Idiots & Textbook Warriors

Being an 'imbecilic repellent' @, usually consists of either making fun of stupidity or pointing out some erroneous, asinine crap! But today, well, nothing has changed... Ha-ha! Although, instead of picking at uneducated idiots, we shall bring the educated idiots in on the fun, or as I like to call them "textbook warriors"......

I've known many people that have went to College (nothing wrong with that) and I've had discussions with several supposed "highly intelligent" beings [*smirk*]. I've also noticed that some of these same people were smarter and had better cognitive function, before going to college and/or getting an education. Now, this sounds counter-productive; so what the hell happened?

This question is easy to answer: They became textbook dependent and mechanical in thought! It pisses me off, to see lame asses thinking they are of higher intellect because they went and read hundreds of senseless books that doesn't apply to life, nature or the cosmos - in a realistic, thoughtful sense. It is obvious to me, that imagination, creative thoughts, common sense and simple logic, is way more important than acquired knowledge via stagnant textbooks. These are the same doltish clusters of confused atoms, that when in a debate, will give you numerous book quotes because their brain can't process its own thoughts. So sad; so weak, but so true...
I've just described "educated idiots" number #1 - textbook warriors.

The #2 version of "educated idiots" is the ones (semantical failures) that go out and learn fancy rhetoric and sound grammatically fluent and full of know-how, but yet, they are total morons. Damn, this sounds like politics, anyway...... I find it very amusing to watch some of these fools spout off big syllables and fanciful statements, all while the ones who actually know fucking English, also realize that they are a moronic being from misfired star dust! Ha-ha!

In closure: I suppose these are the same dolts, for example, that write instructions on frozen pizzas that say, "cook before eating." Yeah, no shit... Maybe these type of people are the same ones that take 3 thousand words to say something that could be said in one sentence. Poppycock with superfluous verbiage, anyone? Dear textbook warriors of royal asininity: thanks for your all-knowing know-how of senseless words, psycho babble, mechanical speech, and whatever your educated uneducated self learned from educated idiots of failed education. Grow a brain of your own or, at the very least, get a life......

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Japan's 'Temple Toilet'...

Holy shit! Japan has a temple toilet that claims to not only flush away your problems, but to "flush away bad Karma!" Ha-ha!
Karma is supposedly the "force" generated by a person's actions held in Hinduism and Buddhism to perpetuate reincarnation and to determine the nature of the person's next existence. Yeah, that sounds great...but what's up with the fuckin' toilet worship?

These people are acting like crazed, weak-minded lunatics! I'm about to provide a link to their video, but is the news report's statement: "The Mantokuji temple in central Japan offers the opportunity to troubled worshippers to 'flush away' bad Karma."

Yeah, I watched this video, before nearly vomiting in a toilet - at the site of this asininity! These people write down their sins, problems, issues, whatever, on a piece of paper; hover over the "holy" toilet for imbeciles, drop their paper into the toilet; flush; and all is well. Ha-ha-ha! Get real...

Here is the link:

The people that attend Japan's 'Temple Toilet' ritual, make this 3-week-old donkey look even smarter than it already did:

---I didn't mean to insult the donkey by adding it to this page, but on that note... Some of y'all religious freaks need to seek out for some mental help! Oh, scratch that last sentence. Once you start kneeling before "temple toilets" in divine worship, your life has done flushed away. See ya later; spiral away now... Ha-ha!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Should prostitution be legal via Brothels & Bordellos?

There are several parts of the world, that has legalized prostitution. Of course, restrictions & regulations apply...but why is prostitution not legal everywhere? Is it due to moral reasons, health issues (rampant spread of venereal diseases, etc.) or simply due to the ineffectiveness to fully tax this sex act?

In my opinion, I think they should have Brothels and/or Bordellos all across the globe. I mean really, what's the big fucking deal? Lets build those whorehouses, and move on...

Take the United States, for example: Technically, at the time I'm writing this, only the state of Nevada has legalized organized prostitution - with strict regulations. Nevada is also home to "Las Vegas" (Sin City) - the biggest gambling ring in the country. We all know that there are street walking "sex contractors" all throughout the world. They often get "pimped out," busted by law enforcement, fined, and set back out on the streets where the process repeats itself. In a way, the Judicial branch can rake in the money, through court fines & fees, et cetera. But, if we had organized, regulated Brothels & Bordellos set up, it could easily be taxed. We must keep Uncle Sam happy, ya know...

What about those private "escorts" and/or escort services that are supposedly getting paid for "companionship" and company? Get real... That's just a legal way of paying for sex. Do you really think most guys would pay a girl all that money for a lame dinner date? Ha-ha-ha! Whatever...

In a way, it seems like it is just a procedure that has to gradually be worked in, within this changing world. It would be the same as saying we should legalize marijuana, but it is a process of change that takes time. No matter the issue, they always seemed to be covered up with "politically correct" & "morally just" lies - when in reality, it is merely fiscal dilemmas.

We can eliminate the need for having illegal 'street walking' sex slaves with pay; we can legalize it and totally organize it! Hell, most people feel like they are paying for sex anyway, even some of the ones in long-term relationships...Ha-ha!
So, what's your opinion? Should prostitution be legal via Brothels & Bordellos?

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The 'Middle East' & Muslims need some alcohol in their life...

I've recently stumbled across a global depiction, that color-codes the countries by alcohol consumption per capita. On this image, the darker the color = the more alcohol is consumed.

Before I say anything else, look below:

[You can click the image to enlarge] Now, what's wrong with this picture?
Yes, it looks like us Americans, Australians, Russians, and pretty much most of the globe is apt to party down and have a good time. Does anyone notice the dry spots? ...Of course ya do! The whole Middle East and the northern part of Africa is basically the dryest parts in the world, when it comes to alcohol consumption per capita.
I can understand the Northern part of Africa, since it is desert land with high heat conditions (alcohol has the tendency to dehydrate a person), but what about those Muslims in the Middle East? Isn't that where most of the world's trouble comes from, wars, turmoil, et cetera? In fact, most Muslims don't eat swine, either. That's just great... Hell, if I couldn't drink beer and eat pork, I'd be pissed, too. No wonder those people over there are always throwing rocks & protesting. Ha-ha!
The bottom line: I think the Middle East (Muslims included) need some damn alcohol in their life! Throw in the swine, and maybe they will chill the fuck out. LOL!
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