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Friday, March 12, 2010

Educated Idiots & Textbook Warriors

Being an 'imbecilic repellent' @, usually consists of either making fun of stupidity or pointing out some erroneous, asinine crap! But today, well, nothing has changed... Ha-ha! Although, instead of picking at uneducated idiots, we shall bring the educated idiots in on the fun, or as I like to call them "textbook warriors"......

I've known many people that have went to College (nothing wrong with that) and I've had discussions with several supposed "highly intelligent" beings [*smirk*]. I've also noticed that some of these same people were smarter and had better cognitive function, before going to college and/or getting an education. Now, this sounds counter-productive; so what the hell happened?

This question is easy to answer: They became textbook dependent and mechanical in thought! It pisses me off, to see lame asses thinking they are of higher intellect because they went and read hundreds of senseless books that doesn't apply to life, nature or the cosmos - in a realistic, thoughtful sense. It is obvious to me, that imagination, creative thoughts, common sense and simple logic, is way more important than acquired knowledge via stagnant textbooks. These are the same doltish clusters of confused atoms, that when in a debate, will give you numerous book quotes because their brain can't process its own thoughts. So sad; so weak, but so true...
I've just described "educated idiots" number #1 - textbook warriors.

The #2 version of "educated idiots" is the ones (semantical failures) that go out and learn fancy rhetoric and sound grammatically fluent and full of know-how, but yet, they are total morons. Damn, this sounds like politics, anyway...... I find it very amusing to watch some of these fools spout off big syllables and fanciful statements, all while the ones who actually know fucking English, also realize that they are a moronic being from misfired star dust! Ha-ha!

In closure: I suppose these are the same dolts, for example, that write instructions on frozen pizzas that say, "cook before eating." Yeah, no shit... Maybe these type of people are the same ones that take 3 thousand words to say something that could be said in one sentence. Poppycock with superfluous verbiage, anyone? Dear textbook warriors of royal asininity: thanks for your all-knowing know-how of senseless words, psycho babble, mechanical speech, and whatever your educated uneducated self learned from educated idiots of failed education. Grow a brain of your own or, at the very least, get a life......

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