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Monday, May 17, 2010

Nicole "Coco" Austin - Phat Booty - Part 2

A couple months ago, I did a sexy blog post about the famous Coco, and provided a few sample pics. Her actual name is Nicole Austin, but I doubt if anyone cares about the technicalities. The only detail that matters, is the availability of images that display this busty babe with the big booty. Below, I'll provide several images, including bikini pics, erotic poses, et cetera. This is when the term 'Phat' is actually worthy of its placement, as this pictorial post will demonstrate...

---Click on the Images Below, to Enlarge for a Better View:

'Click Here' to Visit Nicole "Coco" Austin - Phat Booty - Part 1

'Click Here' to Visit "Exotic Babes & Sexy Models - Gallery Links"

---End of Post

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