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Monday, August 23, 2010

Say "No" to Veal...

Of course, you are free to consume or try to eat whatever you can physically cram into your mouth, if you desire. Some folks may like to eat roadkill (or mystery meat), for that matter. The point is, I love to devour a variety of meat - especially beef, chicken, and pork, but I'm not the only one who says "no" to veal. If you don't even know what in the hell veal is, that's okay; you'll find out soon enough...

Although, technically, it is considered beef, it is by no means your typical cow that you'd consume under normal circumstances. The people who raise this stuff, pretty much strip the young cows from their mothers, confine them to crates (although many have stopped the use of crates), intentionally let 'em become malnourished - hence the cows become anemic (this is why the meat often looks pale), inject them with drugs and loads of antibiotics to keep 'em from getting sick, kill them young after a cruel, inhumane, short life, and serve it to you as "veal - the tender beef."

This quote came from an anti-veal site: "The severe confinement and extreme dietary restrictions used in veal production cause calves to suffer from anemia, physical maladies and mental disorders while the high doses of antibiotics given to the calves threaten human health."

On this post, I'll provide a few links & images along with a quick video - enough to inform you about this subject.
Before I go any further, check out this video clip below:

[The Video Clip is no longer available, for some weird reason...]

Okay, now, I'll provide a couple images of cows that will become future veal. Yeah, they look real comfortable, huh?
Veal Punishment
Veal Cruel Related Links:
No Veal:; [Link is no longer active]
Video Link:; [Link is no longer active]
Wikipedia Jargon:

---Hmm, after viewing the video and checking out the links along with the images, now do you see why I say "no" to Veal?

Artificial Intelligence vs. Humanity

Watching the daily battle within humanity entitled "ignorance vs. ignorance" can be amusing at times, along with truthful images such as the one below:

Indeed, artificial intelligence (AI) is no match for natural stupidity... Ha-ha!

...AI is the intelligence of (fabricated) machines and the branch of computer science that strives to create it. Typical textbooks define the field as "the study & design of intelligent agents" where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chances of success.

Uh, yeah... When factoring in that the majority of humanity emits a powerful force of natural stupidity on a daily basis, Artificial Intelligence is definitely no match for mankind!

Those aliens better get their ancient asses back down here, because they got some fixin' to do! LOL!

---End of Post

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Say Good-bye to KFC - Cook your own Chicken!

I recently read an article entitled: "KFC owners wonder what happened to the 'F'." It was saying that angered franchisees are going to sue, while stating that the focus on grilled chicken has hurt the brand. "The civil war over what KFC should stand for erupted last year when the company introduced grilled chicken with the slogan "Unthink KFC."

You can read more about it here:

Okay, I understand the reason for the complaints and I actually agree with 'em. But, realistically, KFC is not what it used to be when it comes to quality or service, for that matter. If you have any idea what fried chicken tastes like - when cooked by someone who actually knows what they are doing, like myself, you'll abruptly come to the conclusion that KFC sucks anyway!
Not only do you often have to usually wait for a very long time to get your food from their slow asses of a "fast food" failure, some of them enhance the delay by cramming another brand into their menu, such as Taco Bell.

Speaking of that, Taco Bell is still semi-decent, but they shouldn't share the same building with KFC, such as the one in our town. Anyway, back to the subject, their prices on individual chicken parts are absolutely insane. For example, go to a KFC and order 5 little drumsticks along with 4 thighs and it will usually be over 10 dollars even if you don't buy anything else! I can go to a grocery store a buy a massive amount of chicken for 10 dollars. I know, they charge more for special orders that aren't on the menu, but it's still just some damn greasy, fast-fried chicken!

I think they did make a mistake by introducing grilled chicken. What the fuck? It is not KGC (Kentucky Grilled Chicken), it is KFC for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Besides, I've tried the grilled chicken and, in my opinion, it wasn't that great at all; and I love eating poultry whether it is fried, baked, grilled, you name it...

Another thing I noticed with this grilled stuff, is how tiny their chicken parts were. What in the hell are they doing, killing the chickens prematurely or something?

The bottom line: If you want to complain about their quality, customer service, or inflated prices like I do, you should become more independent and be able to cook your own chicken! ...Or else, hush up, bend over and grab your ankles because you're getting a stiff one from that particular fast food market upon ordering. So, if you don't like it, say good-bye to KFC and quit supporting it by visiting that low-quality chicken eatery, to start with.

On a positive note, their biscuits & gravy along with the cole slaw still seems decent. ...But, they need to get their entree (chicken) back up to par before more people, like me, gives up on 'em. They can bicker over "fried or grilled" all they want, but either way, it's still a rip-off!

Damn, all this talk about KFC makes me want to cook some damn chicken. Later folks...

Say Good-bye to KFC; cook your own chicken!

Heterosexual, Bi-Sexual, Homosexual Deers

Below, I'll provide a nature pic that involves 3 deers. It is not often that you see animals "line up" in such a fashion, if you will. I'm assuming they were just innocently posing for the camera, perhaps? Ha-ha! At any rate, that is not the real question at hand...

So, the doe up front must be the only straight, heterosexual of the bunch, and I'm guessing that buck in the middle must be bi-sexual or something, and finally, I surmise the buck in the back or shall we say "bringing up the rear," must be full-blown homosexual. LOL!

Ah, who am I to judge these naughty deers? Anyway, look below for the depiction of such bizarre occurrences that happen in nature, from time to time. We'll call it the "Deer Threesome" or possibly the "Queer Deers" and be done with it. Enjoy the laugh...

Queer Deers Is that what buck fever is really all about? Hmm, interesting......

---End of Post "Heterosexual, Bi-Sexual, Homosexual Deers"

What is "Falling in Love"? Mental Condition?

All throughout my life, I have heard the phrase "falling in love" numerous times and often have wondered about just what in the hell that actually is. Is it a place? Is it a giant hole, perhaps a bottomless pit into an unknown abyss? Oh, I got it; it's a mental condition...

I've narrowed it down to simply being a mental condition or temporary state / mindset that only certain individuals will ever "feel" or claim that they have ever "fell in love."
If you notice, the people who go around talking about "falling in love" seem to always encounter this mental condition with every person they ever have a serious relationship with.
On the flip side, the ones who are like "WTF is that?," never seem to ever say or find this mysterious mindset of dramatic chaos.

Okay, lets clear this up real quick: You can love someone or care about anything, for that matter, without being in that fantasy, self-created state of "being in love." Some people, including myself, doesn't try to find this condition while in a relationship because, for one, it often mimics a mental disturbance that can only have huge letdowns, and two, we really don't know what in the hell it is.

It sounds euphoric and, at times, slighty mental or kooky to say "you're in love" and I must admit, sometimes you'd like to ram these folks' head into a dirty toilet and make them gurgle. Also, this supposed "feeling" is usually short lived and they often wonder what the fuck happened when it leaves their imagination.
The seeking of such make-believe things often creates another problem in relationships, as they simply do not work in most cases - if one or both people think you should be "in love."

Anyway, all this talk about love within this post is about to make me sick, so I shall end it for the romantics to squabble, spat, and cry over. Damn, this would have made for an excellent Valentine post or something... Ha-ha!

---End of this baloney post

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Depiction of Favoritism...

Below, I'll unnecessarily provide the definitions of favoritism, along with a humorous, but true, depiction of favoritism in full swing.

Favoritism: (noun) - (1) Partiality - to favor one party over another; (2) markedly fond; (3) bias : prejudice.

In better words, it means to kiss the ass of certain individuals while, in the same process, taking a big shit onto others.

The depiction below portrays that favoritism is even taking place in the animal kingdom. Yep, that poor little bird is getting its head stepped on just so mommy can feed the pet, pampered, coddled, spoiled one... Damn, I see this at work all the time!

The only ones that say it doesn't exist are the ones getting it!---End of Post

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sexy 'Cam Girl' Taylor Stevens - Busty Bikini Babe...

This super-sizzling 'cam girl' could easily be a lingerie or bikini model as well, and she would also be great in the adult entertainment industry, but she is mostly known as a successful webcam host by way of video chatroom. Yep, her online occupation involves cyber-titillation, teasing, tantalizing, and so on, via her webcam!
Taylor Stevens also has a sexy blog, which I'll give the link in a moment. On her blog, you'll find up-to-date information about her, some very pleasing photos, and get to know this babe a lot better. The naughty Taylor loves Q & A sessions, and will tell you what she likes and whatever else you want to know; don't worry, she's not shy and will gladly talk about a lot of kinky, personal things.Webcam Hottie at the Beach This busty babe used to be a lot heavier in the past; I'm not going to bother with 'before & after' images for contrast, but she has toned everything up during the last few years and she is bangin' hot! Although, I think she would look better if she would take those dorky glasses off, but some people like that nerd look - sort of like a fashion statement of some sorts. That reminds me, in her profile, she did speak about being a bit of a nerd, right after she mentioned her 36HH breast size! What a combo!
T. Stevens really loves the interaction that transpires within her video chatroom and she enjoys showing off her bra-busting abilities via her webcam. Anyway, that's enough babbling, lets get on with it... I'm about to drop down some sexy pics of this blissful babe, cam girl professional, Taylor Stevens......

Click on any Image Below, to Enlarge for a Better View:

Totally Sexy!

Webcam Babe - No glasses this time!

Taylor Stevens
Bikini Bliss


T.S. is taking it off!Ahh, for starters, wouldn't you just love to start rubbing some massage oil all over that bodacious body of hers, just before you break out into hardcore action!

Oh, I almost forgot: You can find her blog @

---End of Post: "Sexy 'Cam Girl' Taylor Stevens - Busty Bikini Babe"

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Working for nothing...

Are you working for nothing?

I'm sure many of you have heard this trite sentence before, from several people: "I have worked for [x amount] years and I have nothing to show for it."
Well, one could reply by telling 'em you have to work to live and living is something, but that is no longer true and therefore there are many people that are literally working for nothing.

It's a sad reality here in America, when looking around and seeing that most of the people who buy the expensive steaks & seafood, live big without worry, have the biggest buggy-loads in the grocery store or supermarket, and so on, are the ones drawing welfare and free funds from the government.

...Then you have those who fake disability and get additional monetary rewards. It also disgusts me when I see people who have as many kids as possible, knowing they will never support them nor will they attempt to get a job, just to get an enormous amount of food stamps and whatever else heads their way via your tax money...

These lazy deadbeats & lowlifes say "everything is free, free, free for me, suckers" they hope everyone else keeps working to support their fat asses! Oh, it doesn't stop there. The majority of these sluggish gluts are overweight and if/when they have health issues & medical bills, they get them written off...and guess who has to pay for it......yep, the ones who are working for nothing. You plop your working, responsible ass down at the doctor's office, for example, and they will ask if you've got insurance; you tell them yes, and they will bill the hell out of you just to make up for the non-working, un-insured ones that they basically render services to for no cost or minimum billing.

With that being said, the majority of the struggling (working) low-middle to middle class, are often times working for nothing. Take rent, for example... You can pay rent for years because you don't want to borrow that much money for a loan nor pay all the closing costs & interest fees, and look at you at the end of that road; you have nothing to show for it after years of renting.

You know, on second thought, I've changed my mind.
You are not working for nothing, dear employed low-middle to middle class sucker, you are working for others!

Just bend over, grab your ankles and let Uncle Sam ram his red-white-blue-dong up your sphincter because he's going to spend your hard-earned money in whatever way he deems necessary to keep those delicate, whiny, lazy, intentionally unemployed, pathetic titty babies happy, whether you like it or not. So, as Uncle Sam most likely recommends, quit bitching & moaning, lube up your o-ring and be happy that your bunghole is being pervaded without your consent. Cheers!

Some fed up folks may like this image better:

---End of Post

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bodacious Babe - Succulent 'Sara Jay'

The famous Sara Jay is well known in the adult entertainment field, as she utilizes her physical assets to the fullest - during filming and in daily life. Speaking of her career in the adult entertainment industry, she is mostly known for interracial fornication albeit she's not biased or anything like that, when it comes to welcoming vaginal & anal penetration from all walks of life - no matter what race they are. This bodacious babe's main attributes are her succulent breasts and her plump, juicy, big & round booty. I wouldn't call this gal a cutie pie or anything like that, but her body totally rocks! She is utterly built for hardcore fucking & sucking, and this precious whore is an absolute porno galore!

Sara looks great in a bikini, seductive in lingerie, and even more appealing when nude - especially when she's feeling erotic and bent over in the doggy-style position, for example. The seducing S. Jay's measurements are estimated at 36FF-25-42. Dang, girl! 36FF boobs along with a 42 inch booty? What more do ya need? Hallelujah and a big lewd, sexually unchaste amen! Holla! ...Okay, enough said. Below, I'll provide some sexy images of Sara Jay...

Click on any image below, to enlarge for a better view:
Sexy Sara! Sara Jay - Erotic Babe Bodacious Bitch

Suck it!

Succulent & Juicy

Bikini Bliss

Bend over baby, I'm ready!

It's time for some oral action, while you're down there...

Oh, how so cute... ---End of Post "Bodacious Babe - Succulent 'Sara Jay'

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Depiction of Laziness

This is a quick post that will consist of the definitions of lazy, along with a nice depiction of laziness. Yeah, we've all seen these lethargic slugs - most of them are unemployed bums, but the ones that do show up at a place of work, usually mimic an anchor/dead weight (sort of like dragging an anvil across a desert) that just create a burden on everyone else that has to carry their load in addition to their own job tasks at hand.

Lazy: (adjective) - (1) disliking activity or exertion; (2) encouraging idleness; (3) Sluggish; (4) Droopy : Lax; (5) not rigorous or strict.
Adverb = lazily, noun = laziness.


To read more about toilet paper, go here:

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