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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jayonna Fabro - The one and only...

Well, it's time for a transitory break from the creative rants, imbecilic repelling and stern hate that is often found here at the Anti-Dolt Blog. So, during this brief time of peace, I'll provide a few sexy images and some additional links to more fucking sexyness...

Jayonna Fabro is one seductive gal, and she not only seduces and entices with her 43 inch booty, as her eyes and facial expressions during the photo shoots also reel in erections at an alarming rate. Since I had too many images of Jayonna for a blog post, I put most of the best ones in the adult section of another site of mine; I'll provide the link in a moment.

Fuck me!
How would you like to be that pole?


Had any wicked Nurse Fantasies lately?

Totally succulent, big & round booty!Check out some of Jayonna Fabro's hottest images along with links to her updated galleries and personal website, by visiting:

---End of Post "Jayonna Fabro - The one and only..."

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---Update: Visit Jayonna Fabro's Gallery #2

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