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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why is "telling it like it is" such a big deal?

I've pondered over this before, as I have often heard throughout the years: "Hey, I like him; he tells it like it is!"

What the fuck? What do I and many others, with this unfortunate label of such (telling it like it is), suppose to actually do, "tell it like it isn't?" The whole notion of doing otherwise is completely, utterly asinine, to say the least. I didn't think it was a choice in the past, but I've slowly come to understand, through the decades of decadence, that the safeguards you spineless people commonly present to the coward crop of political correctness, makes me sick to my stomach. Hmm, nowadays, those comments about being dazzled by someone who is gloriously "telling it like it is," makes sense to me! You're a pussy-footed weakling, plain & simple...

See..., that is the problem right there. Many folks are accustomed to having their ass kissed all the time and always cling to that "you violated my rights" policy of pussiness. Oh, I get it, you're just a pansy-like sissy pantywaist who wants perpetual sunshine with no thunderstorms. Ahh, how so sweet... Lets just all pretend to live under a rainbow and say abracadabra, shall we?

By the way, what ever happened to the Yin & Yang principle of life? What? One side got stuck up your ass or something? Well, that's another post, but I must say in advance that I'm neither a proctologist or a plumber, so good luck with that... Now, back to your rainbow & sunshine issues......

Well, go fuck yourselves because I'm too honest for that, ya fuckin' freaks of fucktart heaven!

Oh, since this post is all about being nice, I must also add:

Besides the fact that people often make a big deal about the individuals who "tell it like it is" or at least as they honestly see it, what is it with the ones who think it is negative to say something that isn't so friendly or politically correct? First of all, if it's so-called "politically correct," then it is obviously and most likely a damn lie! Secondly, nobody should ever be labelled as being "negative," ever, for having functioning senses that actually work!

At any rate, dear, cordial humanoids with endearing properties, cheers now!

Check out the image below; is that "telling it like it is" or what? Nah, perhaps not, but I'd say it is beautiful to strip life from hell and go back into a state of freedom. Call it spiritual emancipation if you wish, but either way, School can be aggravating at look at death as Spring Break! I'm being serious, ya know? Ha-ha!

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  1. It's such a big deal because it is considered such a crime to do so these days. The United States has become a nation of the wimpy,lazy and pampered. You have a government who wants to make love to it's enemies instead of standing up to them. You have companies who pet and pamper the lazy and delicate. The few actual workers they do have are supposed to do their own work plus the work of the pampered lazy ones who are treated like gold. The enemies of this country look at it with glee and why not. Just say boo above a whisper and a large part of the population wet themselves.

  2. You got that right; the world is full of coddled, spoiled titty-babies...and by the way most things are run in this country, it is often encouraged through multiple governing shortcomings.
    The work ethic you just mentioned sounds like the kind Wal-Mart promotes, by what I've been told by some of their ex-employees.

    Yep, our enemies love the fact that we are turning into a nation of pusscakes!

    Thanks for stopping by and telling it like it is!