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Friday, December 31, 2010

For the ones that don't go with the flow...

I get so sick & tired of hearing about how us so-called "negative" ones are so damn wickedly evil.
Ha-ha! Just think, I've recently been labelled as an "evil spirit" by some pill-popping, mentally challenged and disturbed, sorry excuse for a christian or shall I dignify the title with the misspelling for "Kristian" because they deserve a typo for symbolic reasons.
Yes, I don't accept organized anything, nor do I cohere to an organized religion, but let me just say this:
I refuse to go with the fucking flow of this thing we call "life!"

Fuck you; I'm not, and refuse to be, a simple twig floating down a mighty complex stream of ultimate force, damn it! I'm bad; I'm ugly; I don't give a shit what you think because I am me and "me" only!
I know what is right or wrong, what is harmful or good, but most all, I know what justice truly is! So therefore, in the holy eyes of bigotry, I must be the devil himself! ...Praise be!

Yes, the truth is always changing, but I don't have to change if I don't wanna! I'm glorious in my own right, and I seek a full flight of honesty and righteousness in my own sinister, devilish ways of divinity. Yes, we can easily say we are ALL God, but I don't have to like YOUR God, now do I, and obviously so... This particular facet of existence (that I mentioned prior) IS the part of the magnificent ongoing puzzle of life that lives no more if you let it die, and lives forever if you choose to never forget it! To translate this message for the mentally challenged ones: Be your own GOD, ya stupid bastards, duh!

The fabrication of thought, within a volume of mass, in which it transports, often in open space, is what I'm talking about here! The waves of thoughts and feelings simply exists throughout the cosmos, and will always be trapped in time, so deal with it! This whole entire thing is circular, not flat, so don't bother running away!!! The echoes of humanoid thought transmissions is like echolocation to a crazy bat or a brilliant dolphin, for example. We give directions all the time, that are rarely followed upon the initial prompt or command. Live and let it be, or see, feel, and choose a new path or an old path, but what ever comforts thee.

I'll die, come back again, and so on, but I refuse to "go with the flow" because that represents helplessness without help - which is the opposite of god-like religions, superstitions, and whatnot. "Going with the flow" is not living life and it simply shadows life with an unequivocal history of nothingness. Fighters fuckin' fight! Be passive for now, if you choose, but maybe one day you'll live life and... Life, by science, is all about a resistance of gravity, and it is, mentally and physically, a struggle from the very start! With that being said, why do people even think it suppose to flow ever-so gracefully and with divine harmony? What the fuck is that? Divinity? Really? Why then, is it not so divine? Here? On planet Earth with a bunch of K through 3rd grade people? Why? Why? Why? The challenges await...

Life is not in your hand or is it? Is life really a garden that you dig, just to make it work for you, or are you stuck in a conflicting stream of shit that you can either choose to flow with (swim with dung) or choose to repel, and get off stream? Oh, you say "I've found happiness." That's nice, but make sure you keep your eyes closed from that point or you may find yourself waking up! Yes, stay in that imaginary unreal real world of the surreal blanket, for that is your only chance to live with the defiance of gravity for your thoughts shall ascend into a 5th dimension of some sorts or whatever....

I know, poor weaklings, that what I say may sound semi-domineering, but go fuck yourself if you disagree because I am fuckin' me!
Go cry me a river of swill and slop filled with your divine baloney, and when or if you ever get back from your imaginary friends, you'll fucking see...

Yes, the pretty picture of freedom, something you're not familiar with - due to it being self-induced!

Thank your lucky stars, dear fucktarts, for I am truly one that "don't go with the flow" for I'm willing to swim upstream and fight against the flow of asininity because I no longer belong in the same grade as most of you. Fuck off, dear retards, and I mean that with love! Ha-ha!

Praise be, fellow holier than thou rejects, who think they have found the path to a blazing blaze of glory, all while most of the ones who claim such things, don't know a fucking thing about life.

For the hopeful romantics and wishful thinkers without reason: Either fall in a hole and die or merely engulf yourself in your own bull-shit baloney and, most of all, go fuck your own selves!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo glad that I realize that the ever-changing truth still remains the same, although constantly altered, it is, at it's core, still fucking there and will always be!


---End of Post "For the ones that don't go with the flow..."

Monday, December 13, 2010

"Babe Police"

...Since it's nearly Christmas time and it is supposedly the "season to be jolly," I thought it would be a good time to temporarily retire critic reviews and take a transitory hiatus from making fun of stupidity, imbecilic beings, etc., and post something a little more pleasing to the sensory glands, and whatnot.

Yes, folks... it is time for the Babe Police, to regulate upon that wicked ass of yours. I've selected a fine prospect for the job, and I'll drop down a couple of these authoritative, seductive pics in a moment. Personally, I've never really understood why a guy would want to get dominated by a female, when role playing or whatever. If cop uniforms get you off, I thought the guy was the one who was suppose to be wearing the uniform and laying down the domineering ways of aggression via excessive amounts of testosterone; ya know, the male hormone.

...But whatever, if you'd rather be controlled and dominated as opposed to acting like a primitive caveman, so be it. I will say, however, that the babe I have pictured below, could be in charge of me any day... Well, only at first, then I would turn it around and ... and ... then I would ... until she ... and I would continue to ... Ha-ha-ha!

The sexy model sporting the police gear is Denise Milani:

---------Babe Police on the Patrol! Be good now... Yeah, right!

If you'd like to see more of this sexy babe, visit the link below:

"Who is Denise Milani?"

---End of Post

---'Click Here' for additional Sexy Babes via Gallery Links

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Silly Games: Gassy Gus & Pop the Pig

WTF? Oops, I mean, what the fuck? Are these new-age games suppose to be something that you buy your kid for Christmas this year? Ha-ha! Hell, it looks more like modern America, if ya ask me... Yes, the market is in full swing for games such as "Gassy Gus" and "Pop the Pig," and this country, as a whole, seems to be proud of it (my opinion, of course) - due to the common relevance factor at hand. Damn, whatever happened to giving gag gifts when feeling silly? At any rate, the gluts are abound and the marketing table has flipped onto the ground. It is now time to hock some flatulent fuck known as "Gassy Gus" and to sale some game that claims to "Pop the Pig" with or without some backward, festive event that those southerners often call a damn "shindig."

Silly Games for purchase:

"Gassy Gus" is currently on sale for......

Games, games, and the fat man sings..."Pop the Pig" is currently on sale for......
Silly games I tell ya, silly glut-filled games... I really hope that the kids of today, have better toys & games to pick from than the ones that are listed above, but if you're in the mood to provide asinine gifts and silly games for your friends and family this year, well, don't hesitate to do what you feel is necessary, as we don't mind a bit, when it comes to selling you such imbecilic things... LOL!
---End of this stupid post; merry Christmas to all! Ha-ha!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Butt-crack Babe & Big Boobs [Images]

Well, I'm always guilty of providing random images on this blog that are definitely germane to the post's title... And I feel the need to occasionally add something besides detestation, as humor and beauty are often a very good contrast. So here we go, with a couple images that do just that...
Oh, on another note: If I ever post and/or upload an image that needs credit, I'll try to provide such things. Most of the photos I use are not questionable and are indubitable when it comes to copyright crap, and I usually make sure that they are already live via other websites such as file sharing networks or on established domains that state such permissions of use, or have a web address stamped onto the photo, etc. - to avoid copyright issues and so on... But, in the event that I ever do post images that someone is "for sure" and "can prove" that they are the sole owner or copyright holder for such depictions, along with a reason for me to remove it or provide credit towards the works, please inform me in the comment field below the suspect post; albeit either way, this sexy blog shall continue to gingerly upload in all its cautious glory while staying within a rectitude that abides by the peace-loving blogging community that dictates freedom of expression in full swing, for us cyber-dwellers and blog geeks... Ha-ha!

Oh, please excuse me... Sometimes I get a little disclaimer leery/wary/happy, and forget where I was at...... Oh yeah, it is the images of the butt-crack babe and the gal with big boobs! Damn, that's all I meant to post and/or write about, before I got defensive... LOL! Anyway......

Hmm, when you think "butt-crack," it is typically not a good thing. Most of ya may think of plumber's crack or some other dirty visual that is anything but pleasing. BUT, this girl sports a butt-crack in style, and I think it is very apparent, that this sweetheart doesn't wear panties... Check out the image below:

Saving time without the panties - just pull down the pants... Okay, now for the next sexy image... Yes, we've all seen big boobs before, but the sight of these succulent, round, juicy, fake (and wet) tits just make ya wanna say, "oh yeah!"

Check out the image below:

Big Juicy Boobs are Yummy!See, this Anti-Dolt Blog isn't so bad, as there is always beauty to be found within the asininity at hand - or is that called "beauty to be found within the available ass at hand?"

Speaking of big, sexy asses, you should check out this image gallery:

"Joanna Shari - Italian Babe - Image Gallery"

---End of Post "Butt-crack Babe & Big Boobs [Images]"

Caffeine Insanity? Legal Defense?

A Kentucky man accused of strangling his wife is poised to claim excessive caffeine from sodas, energy drinks and diet pills left him so mentally unstable he couldn't have knowingly killed her, his lawyer has notified a court. Read more, here:

You know, that news article went on to say that this guy had been consuming about 400 mg. of caffeine a day. Oh, wow! That's almost 4 cups of coffee. I know people who drink coffee all day long, gulp down energy drinks and still remain tired, take diet pills, consume cokes and other caffeine-containing beverages, etc., and they don't run around in a daze and kill people without knowing. WTF? I mean seriously, what the fuck? This is now a legal defense for a murder trial? Well, whatever works, but I'm not the only one who thinks this is all a bunch of bull-shit...

Hell, there are loads of pages on the web that are filled with comments that are against or, at the very least, think that using the "caffeine insanity" plea is a load of steaming dung! For example, check this link out: "Man claims caffeine insanity after being accused of strangling his wife."

Another thing that I became aware of, while reading this baloney, is that THIS (caffeine insanity strategy) HAS WORKED BEFORE as a legal defense.

Well, I guess they need to add a few symptoms to the 'Main Symptoms of Caffeine Overdose' image below, such as violence, murder, et cetera:
Speaking of energy drinks, I don't care if they get a bad name from shit like this or not. Personally, all the people who I see that drink them, seem tired half the time. When I need a quick bout of energy or motivation, I can just simply view sexy galleries like this: Jayonna Fabro's Gallery #2, and I'm good to go...
But, if the sexual energy that the erotic Jayonna Fabro emits isn't good enough for ya lame ass, perhaps you do need this:

Whatever floats your boat, I suppose, but I'll pass on the silly-looking energy drinks and take the beer & babes any-fucking-day. Damn, I see that this post has sort of got off topic. Ahh, to hell with relevance... Well anyway, cheers!
---End of "Caffeine Insanity? Legal Defense?" Post