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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Same-sex Marriage equals Gay Love or Queer Rights?

Yes, I said gay and queer in the same sentence, but I actually meant for the word 'queer' to equal the original definition of 'odd'...

I have recently stumbled upon a silly debate about whether or not same-sex marriage is something that we should agree on, disagree or not care about.
Talk about a laughingstock of commentary!

Anyway, on that particular page, all of the ones who opposed same-sex marriage were voted down, and all of the humble folks that pretended to not mind or care, were voted up albeit after they published their comments of equal rights, you can bet that half of them yelled out in rebellion, after they hit the 'submit' button.  Oh, a "Fag' or 'Faggot' used to also be slang for a freakin' cigarette, so go figure...

Anyway, this post is not about bashing homosexuals or lesbians, as I couldn't care less what you do with your sexual organs as long as you are not harming me, my family or my pets - for that matter.

What I will talk about, is this stupid same-sex marriage crap and whether or not gay love equals asinine, special queer rights that heterosexuals don't have.

My original reply to this foolish query, was:  "I never understood the need for same-sex marriage, unless they are just doing it for symbolic reasons. I mean, it is not like they can reproduce or start a natural family, but I suppose that isn't required so there must be other reasons. Hey, I know, it is good for tax breaks and perhaps a great chance to put in a few rounds of "Bible bashing" during the process... LOL!"

Then, out of the many replies and comments, although none were being directed towards me, I ended up saying:
"Second class? Please... This is about as ridiculous as race wars... If that is so, then how can you have "gay networks" in the media, but if the slightest is even mentioned about anything "all heterosexual," all hell breaks loose... Fair, eh?" after some whackjob stated how all gays were 2nd Class citizens?  Do you believe that?

Think about how many "special rights" they have and how they flaunt their sexuality all over the place and you tell me...  I mean, it is not like a "heterosexual campaign" is allowed.  It reminds me of race wars and the stupidity found within it.  When will it ever die?  It is like a black woman can win the Miss America pageant, but no white woman can win the Miss Black America contest, and what would happen if we actually had a Miss White America pageant???   Same thing, just a different subject...

Who gives a shit, but why should homos & lesbos get married unless they are in it for tax breaks or some stab toward religions or humanitarianism?  What is the point?  Susie and Betty can now feel more complete?  Adam and Steve now feel more like one circle of trust due to "officially" getting married?  WTF?  Give me a break and get real!

At any rate, another chap commented within that Q & A page on a site that I won't bother mentioning, that spoke about all of the rights and laws that we have and how same-sex marriages and queer stuff like gay love should be under the same law as heterosexuals.  Well, that is cute and all, but I replied with:
"...On the same note while you are talking about rights and laws, marriage is no different, as there are "marriage laws," of course:
What is the point of same-sex marriage outside of tax breaks and symbolism?"

I would rant on about how I feel about this issue, but I'll save that for the comment field.
Either way, I feel that most cases of lesbians and homosexuals are natural and they are simply born that way.  I'm sure there are some people out there with psychological issues and certain types of drug abuse that has turned them into bi-sexuals, homosexuals, lesbians or whatever, but for the most part, I say that it is natural in an odd, queer sort of way, but why get married?  In fact, most people forget that marriage is a type of law or order and it isn't the same as the true band of trust that should encircle a relationship, no matter what type it is 'cause if your relationship is true, you don't need a certificate or a paper or special "rights" to believe in your own circle of trust, amen...

---End of Post "Same-sex Marriage equals Gay Love or Queer Rights?"

Random Post: "Websites like eHow, wikiHow, & ChaCha Answers simply suck!"

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Caucasian Rap Song - "White Jesus"

LOL!  I first stumbled upon the rapper called "Rittz" a few weeks ago.  At first, I was like, uh, what the fuck?  I think it was the hair and the whole caucasian / white rapper vibe that first made me laugh.  However, the rap song I first heard from Rittz was about him ranting about his ex-girlfriend, and it was somewhat entertaining.  So, I checked out a few more videos from this guy ... some I didn't like, a few were okay, but the best one in my opinion was entitled "White Jesus."  It just sort of flowed in a divine, gangsta rap sort of way...  Ha-ha!

Anyway, I'll provide the video below:

Yeah, you tell 'em brother Rittz...

---End of Post "Caucasian Rap Song - White Jesus"

Bikini & Fitness Babes

These posts (I'm putting three of them on the same post, here) were originally on my Health & Fitness Blog, but due to the potential violation of Google Adsense's TOS agreement, I decided to move them to this blog - since there are no adverts here:

Part 1:
Since this blog is geared towards health-related subjects and physical fitness topics, I may also occasionally add blog posts featuring sexy bikini babes, swimsuit models, etc., as long as the images aren't violating any copyright laws, and so on. For now, I'll just use a few pics that I already have posted on other sites.

...How these types of posts relate to health, is simple. Visual stimulation and/or anything that motivates, titillates, and whatnot, is always good for your well-being. In fact, I remember when I first starting working out, years ago, that I would often have those days were I just didn't want to do anything that related to the routine of physical fitness. So, I'd try to have my walls (in my exercise room) blasted with fresh pics of hot babes and bikini models - you know, for motivation. Ha-ha!

Anyway, here is a couple sample pics below......

Jayonna Fabro:Hot Babe! I truly love Jayonna's backside! You should see her in a skimpy bikini! Anyway, I decided to use one of her more "tame" images for this particular blog, but if you'd like to see an awesome photo gallery of this super hot model with loads of pics and links to her personal website, go here:

Coco Austin:
Sexy! Nicole "Coco" Austin has you covered from top to bottom, and she can obviously sport any type of attire very well, with those apparent assets hers. With a body like that, her garments are just holding her back. Ha-ha! To check out more images and links to her personal website, visit for additional resources.

Well, I'd add more erotic models, lingerie & bikini pics to this post, but I'll save some of the others for later on down the road. After making a certain number of blog posts that relate to health & fitness, it is good to stop for a break and collect a little sensual healing that these images often emit. Cheers!

---End of Post "Bikini Babes & Sexy Images

Part 2: 
...As I recently said in my post Bikini Babes & Sexy Images: "Visual stimulation and/or anything that motivates, titillates, and whatnot, is always good for your well-being." And that is why I occasionally take a break from the typical blog posts that only pertain to health & fitness by means of physical exertion, supplements, healthy eating, etc., and bring some visual stimuli into the mix; ya know, for motivation...

Taylor Stevens:

This next pic, is of her wearing a pink bikini, swimwear, whatever. Taylor has a super set of big boobs, and while wearing the nerd glasses, it often adds a touch of sophistication into the fantasy......

Image #2 features Taylor Stevens, feeling a little more sensual......

The Sexy 'Sara Jay' in Erotic Lingerie:

Jasmine Fiore:
Although I prefer my babes to be on the thick side, especially when it comes to their backside, Jasmine was still a sexy, exotic-looking little swimsuit model, before her unfortunate demise......

Need more motivational models? Check out this YouTube video of Coco Austin, basking in the sun on a beach: [You'll have to wait about 20 seconds into the video]

---End of Post "Bikini Babes & Lingerie Models - Part 2"

Recent "Babe Galleries" - Updates:
or visit: "Exotic Models - Sexy Babes - Gallery Links"

Part 3:
In a way, this confuses me, but after giving it more thought, it sort of makes sense. So anyway, here I am with a growing "Health & Fitness Blog" and guess what type of searches (from Google and other search engines) brings most of its traffic/hits? Well, if you guessed...uh, uh, searches related to bikini models, sexy babes and other forms of erotic bliss, then you nailed it!

I can't say that it vexes me, but still... The fact that I write about (probably 90% or more) a variety of random subjects on this blog that relate to health, physical fitness, supplements, and so on, but my most popular posts are "Bikini Babes & Sexy Images" and "Bikini Babes & Lingerie Models - Part 2," along with a bunch of Archive hits via image searches with the keywords often being the names of some of the featured babes within those 2 posts, makes me say (acronym version) "WTF?" Hey, I appreciate any traffic that I can get for any of the blogspots I write on - along with other blogs I own or my main creative writing site (, but I really hope that in the future, my traffic on this particular blog starts getting more related to physical fitness or at least somewhat related to health in general.

Hell, since this post is going to be spraying links all over the place anyway, I might as well include some linkage to other blogs of mine. I also have a blogspot called the "Anti-Dolt" but it was mostly full of rants an occasional bouts of beauty - for contrast. Since all of the posts occurred in 2010 and it is currently dormant, I'll just go ahead and link to it with the name "The Anti-Dolt of 2010."
I also have a blogspot that speaks about a variety of legends, folklore and myths, along with other interesting, uncertain, and bizarre subjects. It goes by the popular name (hard to rank well for these terms) "Myths, Legends, & Folklore."
Update: I've recently started up another blogspot blog that goes by the name "Mundane Blog," so check it out if ya get bored or whatever.

Okay, now back to the subject pertaining to the traffic issues at this Health Blog......

Traffic redirect: Look folks, I got a section over at my main site that pertains to this bikini bliss subject; if you're more interested in mood-lifting images as opposed to the health & fitness vibe found here, then visit the blog post "Exotic Babes & Sexy Models - Gallery Links."

Another funny thing about this blog, is the few comments that I do get are obvious spam. As much as I really appreciate your penis enlargement and/or "male enhancement" comments along with your recommendations for how to "increase ejaculation" and whatnot, please make sure that you don't post them on the blog posts that are not related; thanks! Ha-ha!

Ya know, here's an example of what I'm talking about: Lets say you write a post about the "Health Benefits of Beer" or something, and someone comes along and posts a comment in the 'comment field' with: "Hey, thanks for posting this; check out my site and find an excellent way to cure hemorrhoids." ...Next action that occurs in the admin panel: DELETE COMMENT or SPAM COMMENT, ha! I know that most spam is automated but some of it is not; you can usually tell by looking at your web stats. I also know that everyone gets spam, but with more traffic coming in with health-related searches, the chances of getting genuine, health-related comments from people who actually read the material and are interested in the topic at hand, are much better.

On a good note, there are some (not near enough) blog posts that get a fair amount of hits besides the two bikini bliss ones I mentioned about earlier, and those are: "Martial Arts is also great for Physical Fitness..." and "Picking out the right Heavy bag / Speed bag Stand" and "Buy Motivational Posters for your Workout Room" and "Use a Weighted Vest for Training." Of course, there are many others that get hit often, but none of them compare to the bikini ones. Some of my most informative entries, rarely get hit, though. It may sound sort of confusing at first, but then you have to remember the old cliche, "sex sells." Basically, no matter what theme your website is, if it ever speaks about sex or bikini bliss or anything related between the two, there will most likely be more people searching for it - whether using the regular search function or the image search option.

Here's another example: Today, I wrote two blog posts for this site, one called "Health Benefits of Taurine" and the one I'm writing now. ...Although the post about taurine contains useful information, if I throw a sexy bikini image on this non-informative post, it will most likely get more hits in the long run than the one about the beneficial amino acid known as "taurine." It is sort of funny and sad at the same time, but true nonetheless. Oh well, one thing is for sure: this blog is fairly new and it does take a while for a website, blog or whatever, to season, age, gain links and rank well for the key terms you're writing about. I just decided to do a blog post about it, because I thought it was semi-amusing in a screwed-up kinda way.

Oh yeah, where's that bikini image? Lets see, which one do I choose? Decisions, decisions... Okay-okay, I'll use Heidi Montag... Look below:

[Sexy Image of Heidi Montag from the blog post "Addicted to Plastic Surgery?"]

---End of Post "Physical Fitness Blog or Bikini Bliss?"

Okay, now that I've transferred the three posts that possibly violated the advertisement terms of service on my health blog, to this site, since it doesn't have any adverts, all should be well...

---End of Post "Bikini & Fitness Babes"