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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Caucasian Rap Song - "White Jesus"

LOL!  I first stumbled upon the rapper called "Rittz" a few weeks ago.  At first, I was like, uh, what the fuck?  I think it was the hair and the whole caucasian / white rapper vibe that first made me laugh.  However, the rap song I first heard from Rittz was about him ranting about his ex-girlfriend, and it was somewhat entertaining.  So, I checked out a few more videos from this guy ... some I didn't like, a few were okay, but the best one in my opinion was entitled "White Jesus."  It just sort of flowed in a divine, gangsta rap sort of way...  Ha-ha!

Anyway, I'll provide the video below:

Yeah, you tell 'em brother Rittz...

---End of Post "Caucasian Rap Song - White Jesus"

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