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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Same-sex Marriage equals Gay Love or Queer Rights?

Yes, I said gay and queer in the same sentence, but I actually meant for the word 'queer' to equal the original definition of 'odd'...

I have recently stumbled upon a silly debate about whether or not same-sex marriage is something that we should agree on, disagree or not care about.
Talk about a laughingstock of commentary!

Anyway, on that particular page, all of the ones who opposed same-sex marriage were voted down, and all of the humble folks that pretended to not mind or care, were voted up albeit after they published their comments of equal rights, you can bet that half of them yelled out in rebellion, after they hit the 'submit' button.  Oh, a "Fag' or 'Faggot' used to also be slang for a freakin' cigarette, so go figure...

Anyway, this post is not about bashing homosexuals or lesbians, as I couldn't care less what you do with your sexual organs as long as you are not harming me, my family or my pets - for that matter.

What I will talk about, is this stupid same-sex marriage crap and whether or not gay love equals asinine, special queer rights that heterosexuals don't have.

My original reply to this foolish query, was:  "I never understood the need for same-sex marriage, unless they are just doing it for symbolic reasons. I mean, it is not like they can reproduce or start a natural family, but I suppose that isn't required so there must be other reasons. Hey, I know, it is good for tax breaks and perhaps a great chance to put in a few rounds of "Bible bashing" during the process... LOL!"

Then, out of the many replies and comments, although none were being directed towards me, I ended up saying:
"Second class? Please... This is about as ridiculous as race wars... If that is so, then how can you have "gay networks" in the media, but if the slightest is even mentioned about anything "all heterosexual," all hell breaks loose... Fair, eh?" after some whackjob stated how all gays were 2nd Class citizens?  Do you believe that?

Think about how many "special rights" they have and how they flaunt their sexuality all over the place and you tell me...  I mean, it is not like a "heterosexual campaign" is allowed.  It reminds me of race wars and the stupidity found within it.  When will it ever die?  It is like a black woman can win the Miss America pageant, but no white woman can win the Miss Black America contest, and what would happen if we actually had a Miss White America pageant???   Same thing, just a different subject...

Who gives a shit, but why should homos & lesbos get married unless they are in it for tax breaks or some stab toward religions or humanitarianism?  What is the point?  Susie and Betty can now feel more complete?  Adam and Steve now feel more like one circle of trust due to "officially" getting married?  WTF?  Give me a break and get real!

At any rate, another chap commented within that Q & A page on a site that I won't bother mentioning, that spoke about all of the rights and laws that we have and how same-sex marriages and queer stuff like gay love should be under the same law as heterosexuals.  Well, that is cute and all, but I replied with:
"...On the same note while you are talking about rights and laws, marriage is no different, as there are "marriage laws," of course:
What is the point of same-sex marriage outside of tax breaks and symbolism?"

I would rant on about how I feel about this issue, but I'll save that for the comment field.
Either way, I feel that most cases of lesbians and homosexuals are natural and they are simply born that way.  I'm sure there are some people out there with psychological issues and certain types of drug abuse that has turned them into bi-sexuals, homosexuals, lesbians or whatever, but for the most part, I say that it is natural in an odd, queer sort of way, but why get married?  In fact, most people forget that marriage is a type of law or order and it isn't the same as the true band of trust that should encircle a relationship, no matter what type it is 'cause if your relationship is true, you don't need a certificate or a paper or special "rights" to believe in your own circle of trust, amen...

---End of Post "Same-sex Marriage equals Gay Love or Queer Rights?"

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  1. NOBODY should have any special rights or
    laws for anything. You can't walk down the street without some special one getting
    upset. Either EVERYONE is special or NO ONE is.

  2. Yeah, sort of like this same-sex marriage stuff... Personally, I don't care what they do with their genitals behind closed doors, just as long as they don't expect special rights, exemptions, and unworthy handouts, etc.

  3. You know, this post has been around a while now, and I'm a little surprised that it hasn't got many hits or any comments outside of the one anonymous comment. Hmm... Well, it can't be that the title isn't catchy. I used popular words like "same-sex marriage" and "gay love" and "queer rights," but dang... Oh, I got it, this blog just sucks when it comes to traffic and ranking well in the search engines; ha!