I'm not going to cover too many subjects here, since this post would end up being really long if I did. However, I will mention a few things about space travel that ET does not tell you. The information below can be took with a grain of star dust, though, as not everybody believes in extraterrestrials, for some strange reason.

First up, is our muscles. Most extraterrestrials are slender and noodle-like. Their bodies have evolved and adpated to space travel, hence the protected eyes, large brains, and little bodies that the common grays have. Of course, I'm not talking about the robotic drones that act as aliens, as that is another subject entirely. The more advanced alien races do appear more normal looking, like the Nordic aliens, but they most likely use an anti-gravity technology or something that combats the effects of deep space. Yeah, sort of like Star Trek. Anyway, if the common Homo sapiens spent much time in deep space while travelling through the cosmos, their muscles would turn into spaghetti, sort of like what was mentioned here: blogs.discovermagazine.com/80beats/2010/08/19/a-trip-to-mars-could-reduce-astronauts-muscles-to-spaghetti/

Next up, is cosmic radiation and its effects on our tiny brains. Ever wonder why most aliens have a big head? Well, not only is it due to having a more advanced thought processor, they also have an evolved brain to withstand reasonable amounts of cosmic radiation. If we stayed in deep space without massive amounts of protection, we'd end up being a bunch of dumb rocks that drool on our selves within a few years. To learn more about the possible effects of space radiation and how it kills our brain's stem cells, go here: www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2009/06/will-radiation.html

This next subject is mainly for the ones that plan on going to Mars in the future or build a cool space station with frozen doughnuts. I'm not providing a resource link for this because I doubt if very many of y'all clicked on the other 2 links; ha! Fertility is definitely affected by cosmic radiation. Yeah, it just doesn't kill our brains, but it has a negative impact on humanoid fertility. No wonder the majority of aliens procreate via test tube. Yep, they are not DNA splicing experts for nothing. So in conclusion, we got a long way to go before Earth's space monkeys embark upon long-term space travel. I hope you all can rest easier now, after learning that Planet Earth isn't that bad after all. It is almost as if we suppose to be here or something. LOL!

Image Credit: deadfix.com

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