I can't say it enough. Websites like eHow, wikiHow, and ChaCha Answers give the search engines a bad name. I've been online for a while now, and I've never found a suitable answer from ChaCha or any how-to advice from eHow or that other wikiHow site, ever! If I had a top 10 list for the most overrated, baloney-filled websites, those three would definitely make the list. For one, they seemingly allow anybody to act as a guru, informer, or as a guide. Sure, that is the way the web works (or sucks) now, but could they at least change their names & titles?

Maybe they should call ehow.com something like "a bunch of folks with poor cognitive function with lots of how-to advice." Maybe they should call chacha.com something like "don't ask us if you actually need accurate answers" or perhaps call wikiHow.com something like "the Wikipedia for everything inane."

Personally, their ineptness doesn't bother me. I can filter through the crap online and go on with my life. What does bother me, is when I see these results pop up in the search engines (while ranking high) as if they are an authority of some sorts. No wonder their pages are filled to the max with adverts. They know that most people with a semi-functioning brain aren't coming back anytime soon!

Sure, if you need to learn how to drink water from a plastic bottle, by all means, go here: www.wikihow.com/Drink-Water-from-a-Water-Bottle [The previous link is no longer active; after a few years, it looks like they finally unpublished that stupid fucking page.]

Those types of websites call for a double facepalm, as I have depicted above. It is really disturbing when you are at work or out in public, and you are talking to some moron that you have known for a while, that says: "I make a little bit of money online, yo! Yeah, I be that there answering them, uh, them those question thingies on ChaCha and shit, yepper." Yep, that would explain a lot... Ha-ha!

At any asinine rate, if that is what you do to make money even though you are not qualified to be doing such, then I guess that is ... Oh, hell no! It is not alright! Go to some place like HubPages or something! LOL!

Image Credit: Shared Photo from www.sharenator.com/stupid_people_1/

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