It gets old, really, when I'm flipping through the TV at night, just to see a bunch of infomercials selling shoddy products and whatnot. What is even more detestable, is those late night televangelists that sound more like a divine sales pitch promoting broke souls and greasy palms. I've seen several of these characters over the years, and I think some have even been banned from the television after they became so ridiculous and obvious, etc., that even a deranged lunatic could spot 'em a mile away.
For some odd reason, many of them get sent to the BET channel, especially during the 3 to 5 A.M. time slots.
The strategy is almost always the same: send me your money! They often word it many ways, like make a vow, send your pledge, donation, your seed gift, and so on. The basic concept usually involves a Rags to Riches plot. In a thumbnail, you suppose to send them a massive monetary donation and, in return, you will later become rich by way of some divine miracle that you get rewarded with for staying up late and getting stupid, oops, I mean desperate.
For some reason, the only verses in the bible, if any, that are used during these programs, are all talking about giving or money. The televangelist person thingy, will then shine brightly on the screen with open palms, I mean arms, and will readily accept your seed gift.
The steaming dung really begins to rise when these certain shows have testimonials included. Yes, you read that right, I've seen late night televangelists include testimonials during their greenback begging sessions.
You know, stuff like this: "I was poor, lost my job and didn't have hardly any money in the bank; I mailed in my last 200 dollars to preacher ____, and 2 weeks later I won the lottery." "I sent my seed gift of 500 dollars to ____ and the next thing I knew, that seed grew; now I can finally buy my dream home." "I was reluctant at first, but I went ahead and charged my credit card for a 300 dollar donation and within 2 days, I inherited 10,000 dollars from a relative that passed away that I didn't even know I had." "I was feeling down, sent in 270 bucks, and the following Friday, I got hired at the Bank!"
Anyway, I think you get the point.
I was just wondering why the late night televangelists often sound like an infomercial, but I think I already know the answer; ha!

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