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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Online IQ Tests Provide False Sense of Intellect

The majority should realize by now, the world is utterly full of marketing hype & hogwash that is accompanied with pseudo-intellectuals, and the randomly placed crazed lunatics who spout woo-woo lyrics of absolute wooism for financial gain...along with many other imbeciles to be named later. But, unfortunately, this short blog post only applies to the special morons who get duped and fall for the credibility of online IQ tests.

As amusing as it may be, it is equally pathetic at the same time. Most of the online tests out there, are simply providing some quick test involving questions that couldn't perplex a 7-year-old child, while offering to send you a copy of your "detailed results" for a small fee. Yes folks, you must pay 'em to tell you just how much of a genius your ignorant self is.
I've known some people who have took these online IQ tests that could barely graduate High School while taking the easiest classes possible. You know, the same type of people who thought Pre-Algebra was difficult. Yep, but they scored on a genius level via feign results of these online scams, oops, I mean IQ Tests. I've also read other flaming fools talking about their great results by way of online forums.

First of all, even if you find an authentic IQ test, it doesn't mean anything. One test limited to a few questions can't determine overall intellectual capacity. It can, however, show some of your potential strong points within your cognitive functions. The test is better used when trying to determine the degree or the severity of how bad someone may be mentally challenged or not, rather than trying to gauge intellect on a higher level - which is impossible to do with limited questions & tests.

At any rate, if you're a true dumb ass and need to feel smart and/or would like to print out a certificate of your fictitious intellectual power, just get out your credit card and order you up some data after you complete an online IQ scam/test. Live long and prosper...

I took the online test and my IQ was 200!

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