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Monday, October 25, 2010

Fluffy America - Too Fat to Fight!

Welcome, folks! You've just entered into the kingdom of Fluffy America!!!

Holy screaming torpedo shit, I just read an article that was aimed right at this softened country, and it is totally fucking pathetic; sad but true...

The first part of the article starts off with:

"Army Fitness: Unfit Recruits "Too Fat to Fight" Force Army to Ease Training:
(CBS) "Army Strong" may be the recruiting slogan, but these days the U.S. Army seems less focused on new recruits' strength than on their excess weight.
In fact, the Army has just rejiggered its basic physical training program, making allowances for recruits who are fat and out of shape when they show up for basic training.
Sit-ups and long runs are out, reports the New York Times. In their place are exercises that look a lot like yoga and pilates.
Read more:

Okay, this has actually been going on for years, so no surprise here. In fact, I remember reading a headline "Americans too fat to fight," several years ago in a local newspaper. That is not the entire point; one of the more disturbing points is that we are now catering to these fluffy, pantywaist pansies by easing their training. What the fuck!? For one, we must obviously be desperate for recruits. If you follow the link I provided above and read that short article, you'll also run across how it states that most of them can't do push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups. Ha-ha! It also mentions how even the ones who are not overweight, are typically a lot weaker or softer than prior generations. Yeah, uh, no shit! Most of these candy-coated, sissy-ass weaklings sit around all day eating junk food and playing with their stupid cell phones or video games, etc. So what do you expect?

Damn, where are the Homo sapiens headed......into the land of Jiggling Jello via Tulip Heaven? Hence forth the Jello-man concept......

Fluffy America - Too Fat to Fight---Lazy, proud, fluffy, and too fat to fight; go figure......

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