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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vampire Babes & Pumpkin Ass

Below, I'll drop down some Halloween related images.

Actually, I intended for this post to be loaded with sexy Vampires, but after doing a quick image search on the good ol' world wide web for Vampire Whores, Vampire Sluts, and Vampire Babes, I mostly found a bunch of crap. I did manage to find a couple art pics that looked pretty hot, and an unusual image of some individual who decided to turn their ass into Halloween artwork (a big pumpkin butt). Check them out below......

I'd nail that one from behind...
I'd hit it...
...Happy Halloween!

Additional Resource Link: "Sexy Babes & Exotic Models"

Sexy Image Gallery featuring a heart-shaped ass:  Alexis Texas - Porn Star Sensation

---End of Post "Vampire Babes & Pumpkin Ass"

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