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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cell Phone 'Texting' Gone Mad

This post reminds me of the one I did last month, that was entitled "Put the cell phone down while driving!"

Well, I recently read a study (from PC Magazine) that says: "Teens sending 3,339 texts per month."

A quick excerpt from the post states:

"Teens are still texting. On average, they are sending out 3,339 texts per month, or six for every hour they are awake, an 8 percent jump from last year, according to a Thursday study from Nielsen.
Teenage girls are the most prolific texters, sending an average of 4,050 per month, while teenage boys ages 13 to 17 send 2,539 texts during the same time period. In the 18 to 24 age group, the number of texts drops to 1,630 per month – or a "comparatively meager" three texts per hour, Nielsen said.
" Read more, here:,2817,2370831,00.asp

At any rate, this doesn't surprise me, but it does make me think of the old adage that goes something like this: "Some people need to get a fucking life!"

This data not only confirms that cell phone texting has gone mad, but it also manifests some of the reasons why the majority of our brain-dead society has become zombies due to the techno gadgets & contraptions of man. Damn, this also reminds me of the Anti-Dolt blog post, "Man versus Machines."

I'm still yet to figure out why a lot of people like to stare at a tiny screen while texting their life away, all while not really experiencing anything besides the joys of standing still doing nothing. Are we losing our grasp on what is real and what isn't? Have we got to the age where man no longer identifies nature as the true essence of being? Is this slowly becoming a place full of drones & zombies that are led by monetary champions of utter bull-shit, corruption, lies, and deceit? ...Check your bags in and get some rest; your next stop, is the Twilight Zone! LOL!

Look below, as the brainless Zombie realizes he has a new 'text message' at hand... Oh, what shall he "text" back with, ponders the mighty bearer of the holy man-made cell phone:

Texting Gone Mad! ---End of this Asinine Post

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