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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Silly Games: Gassy Gus & Pop the Pig

WTF? Oops, I mean, what the fuck? Are these new-age games suppose to be something that you buy your kid for Christmas this year? Ha-ha! Hell, it looks more like modern America, if ya ask me... Yes, the market is in full swing for games such as "Gassy Gus" and "Pop the Pig," and this country, as a whole, seems to be proud of it (my opinion, of course) - due to the common relevance factor at hand. Damn, whatever happened to giving gag gifts when feeling silly? At any rate, the gluts are abound and the marketing table has flipped onto the ground. It is now time to hock some flatulent fuck known as "Gassy Gus" and to sale some game that claims to "Pop the Pig" with or without some backward, festive event that those southerners often call a damn "shindig."

Silly Games for purchase:

"Gassy Gus" is currently on sale for......

Games, games, and the fat man sings..."Pop the Pig" is currently on sale for......
Silly games I tell ya, silly glut-filled games... I really hope that the kids of today, have better toys & games to pick from than the ones that are listed above, but if you're in the mood to provide asinine gifts and silly games for your friends and family this year, well, don't hesitate to do what you feel is necessary, as we don't mind a bit, when it comes to selling you such imbecilic things... LOL!
---End of this stupid post; merry Christmas to all! Ha-ha!

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