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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Carl Sagan "trying" to understand a 4th dimension...

Is it just me, or does Carl Sagan look and act more like a retarded monkey while pretending to be Mr. Rogers on this video, here:

This popular guy is acting more like a clown in my opinion and is trying to figure out the cosmos while believing that life is some type of coloring book that is put together with crayons.  Why is this guy so popular?  I don't know much about Carl Sagan...  Was he once a great scientist or philosopher that lost his way toward the end, or is this just another case of BS gone bad???  I've seen other people on YouTube trying to mock these silly theories about the 4th dimension and whatnot. Anyway, we need better explanations and reasoning in my opinion, when it comes to the 4th or 5th dimensions; blah!

I'd rather search for videos about Einstein, when concerning such things that relate to our cosmos.

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