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Thursday, July 19, 2012

I never knew hurdling could look so good - Michelle Jenneke

Dang, I just watched a video of a hurdling event (don't ask why), but to my surprise, I seen a hurdler who was not only cute, sexy, and talented, but just gave the sport a whole new look, in my opinion.  Then again, I don't know much about hurdling and was just up browsing the web since I couldn't sleep, but now I'm wide awake; ha-ha!

Anyway, instead of playing the regular video, I'll provide the remix version of Michelle Jenneke that shows her sexy warm-up dance and race to victory... ***Well, the remix version quit working after a few years, so I had to come back here to make an edit and put in a replacement video.  Ah, hell, it's all the same concept anyway:

Yeah, without a doubt, Michelle Jenneke is the hottest hurdling babe I've ever seen, as I never knew this sport could look so good; cheers!

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