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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Driving Advice: Merge Left means......

This is a totally asinine subject about driving advice but, unfortunately, there are some really dumb dolts out there! I'm starting to think, 10 percent or more of the automobile drivers out there, need to get the hell off the road! I'm from the south, so we're already notorious for breeding imbecilic beings; I understand this. What I don't understand, is the ones who can't even comprehend the damn road signs!
The reason for this post, is because I see this all the time: You're driving down the highway; the right lane is ending up ahead, you suppose to merge left, and here comes some idiot from the right lane driving up beside you or slightly in front of you. Well, as the right lane is ending and turning into one lane (to the left), something has to give. Either I throw on my brakes for your idiotic ass to pass or you simply lay back and merge left, just like the sign fuckin' said to do!
Oh, okay, I get it... You're so ignorant, you don't know what 'merge' means. Ha-ha! For some reason, your mentally challenged self (although you're driving a damn vehicle) doesn't know what 'merge left' means. Huh? You think it means to stay the hell away from the left? WTF? Did you even graduate Junior High School?
Lets take a moment and define 'merge' for these doltish rejects via Webster's Dictionary: 1) to blend gradually; 2) to combine, unite, or coalesce (fuse) into one.
If you really need a candid definition in colloquial English for 'merge left', it simply means: "eventually move your stupid self over into the left lane, dear dumb ass!"
Ahh, I hate giving driving advice, especially when it comes to telling morons what it means to merge left. Thanks; look forward to seeing you (again) on the freakin' freeway...

Now, on the contrary, if you were to see "Dangerous Curves" (hot babes) on the road, then you're totally exempt from this advice. Ha!

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