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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why do some people always refer to God as "he"...?

This is a question I've wondered about, many times. Why do a lot of Christians and some other forms of religions, always refer to their creator God as "he." WTF? Are you saying 'God' has a divine penis or something? So, our entire universe was created from someone with a gender status? I'm not being an ass, but I just don't get it. If you're speaking of a divine nature, fine! I have no problems with religions or science, for that matter. But, when I hear of such godly maleness...I'm thinking more along the lines of an ultimate energy source or basically anything besides an almighty set of cock & balls. Ha-ha! Okay, maybe I went a little too far on this criticism, but I just get so tired of hearing "He this" and "He said that" during a lot of these Religion versus Science debates that are found on the web within forums, blogs, et cetera. I'm not biased either, considering I'm also a male. Or perhaps, I'm just a little tired of hearing the religious debates, period. Some of these ceremonial kooks and religious figures, are some real fucking whackjobs, let me tell ya!

I recently wrote an article that was titled "The Ultimate Queries - Creation Theories." <---Check it out, if you wish. I didn't write about believing in a certain belief; I tried to install the fact that nobody knows for sure, when it comes to creation theories and our existence. I also tried to integrate philosophy, science, religions, and mythology all into one center point of agreement...and this is nearly impossible. This particular blog post, doesn't have a lot of meaning behind it, other than me giving a backlink to a recent webpage I wrote that is semi-related to this subject of ultimate creation. Just think, there could also be multiple dimensions, as well. Bottom line, if you're curious, check out the first link I provided that was about the ultimate queries & creation theories...... But, if you enjoy entertaining chaotic thoughts, visit my page: "Manifestations of One."

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