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Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Hate Widescreen TVs & Monitors

Is it just me, or does anyone else hate these silly looking widescreen monitors and televisions? They are everywhere, nowadays. I did a search on the web, a few minutes ago, and I found some other people in forums, blogs or wherever, complaining about the same thing. The reason I mention this, is because it is getting so damn hard to find computer screens that are specifically made for 1280 x 1024 resolution, 800 x 600 for smaller screens and 1600 x 1200 for larger. WTF? Are they slowly going extinct?

I assume the marketers, manufacturers, and electronic companies that campaign for this widescreen junk...have somehow brainwashed the people into thinking that if it's not a fuckin' widescreen...then you must be out of date, behind, out of touch, and so on.

I understand we all have different taste; I'm just thinking there are more people who feel the same way. I can hear the defense for the wide-ass TVs, as they are trying to get a "theater effect" or whatever. Good for you; glad to hear about your living room being set up like a crazed, cinematic motion-picture theater!

I've seen several, and I detest all of 'em. Some of these so-called "advanced TVs" usually makes people look distorted with big heads or something. ...Or maybe I've just been oblivious to this particular advancement and have only seen the low-grade versions.
But my main concern, is about these mother fucking monitors. I know people that have TVs for those, as well. A goofy widescreen monitor not only looks stupid, to me, it makes me stray too far left or right - I feel the need to scan for shit that I missed on the sides; mind trick, surely. I can't help but call the ones I like (the box screens, square type), a "normal screen."
Anyway, lets get down to the point. I searched through Amazon and had some luck. I'll post a few links below:

[Links have been removed]

If you're seeking more selections, go here:
The 'Electronic Haven' via Amazon [Link has been removed]  and type in the Search Bar, for example, "19 inch Flat Panel Monitor" or 17 inch, whatever size you're seeking. And good luck trying to find a "normal screen" monitor. Once again, I hate widescreen!


  1. I agree. The edges of the screen are wasted space, whereas the top and bottom, traditionally good for menus and taskbars, are severely reduced. Add a toolbar in your browser on these wide screens, and you have no viewing area left if you have your text set to anything readable. With a screen the same width as your widescreen, but taller, you wouldn't have that problem!
    I also agree that higher resolutions on computer monitors are mostly nonsensical. If you don't increase the text size and icons system wide, you basically can't view them and they're useless. If you do, they're often pixellated and still useless.
    Bring back 5:4 lower resolution screens and big icons and text!

  2. Excellent comment! Thanks for stopping by; cheers!