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Saturday, February 20, 2010

I need to sell Toilets...for all the crap online!

Seriously, do you need a toilet? How about a portable toilet? Do you need moist wipes for your delicate, sensitive areas? How about tissues and toilet paper? My god, I have seen so much bull-shit on the web lately. I just got done searching for a lot of science related topics, mostly theoretical subjects. Well guess what? The online idiots have started tainting this area as well.

Back in the day, if you were a dumb ass, you just stayed away from educated debates or educational subjects and, perhaps, simply stuck to comedy, senseless remarks, quick quips, and so on. People like you, didn't enter science forums and definitely didn't debate about physics, etc. Now, since nearly everybody has blogs, a website, or "writes" for free-to-join article-submit sites, you morons are virtually everywhere! Speaking of that, I'm going to give this "selling toilets" some thought, 'cause there is a lot of unattended shit floating around in cyberspace!

I have recently stumbled across some more cyber dung again; it was a whole group of science-haters - probably trying to support their religions, but that is not the point. These imbeciles were pretty much trying to say that all math, science, and physics is crap. They even called Albert Einstein an idiot; I admit his hair was a little funny, but that is freedom of expression. Ha-ha! Anyway, these clowns were also making fun of the possibility of multiple dimensions, string theory (although some of it does sound kooky), space-time concepts, and pretty much everything that involved a fucking brain. And during the whole spew of senseless shit they expelled from their mouths & anuses, they never gave one idea of their own.

The point is, it is a lot easier for these aimless dolts to tear down the ideas from other people, as opposed to them using their own cognitive reasoning. However, they must not hate on the field of electronics, even though man made it, or else their mentally challenged selves wouldn't have been online, to start with!

Bottom line, I'm the imbecilic repellent and I need to sell some whirling toilets. You wanna buy a brand-new shiny toilet? Do you need something portable or are you still undergoing potty training? Hmm, I may come back here (later on) and put up some septic related ads or something...... Although, I'd hate to be the septic tank in cyberspace trying to catch all of your sewage!

Addition: There was one good thing that happened on my last web search. Somehow or another, while searching for scientific theories about multiple dimensions and "String Theories"......I landed on a G-String site that was showing lots of hot babes. Hmm, I like the theory of the G-String quite well, ha-ha!

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