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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Imbeciles trying to get Backlinks in the 'Comment Fields'

For one, if you don't own or operate websites, blogs, or may not know what a backlink is. It means what it sounds like it means: a backlink is a link back to your site. Which, is a normal thing to try and achieve for SEO (search engine optimization) reasons, but that is not the point here. If you need me to explain to you what a 'comment field' is, please exit now......
For the ones that do run their own blogs or anything that has comment fields, you've seen these fools before.
The imbeciles that go to the trouble of putting their moronic alias in the 'name field', their retarded URL in the 'web address field' and leave a stupid comment in the 'comment field'...
It goes through your admin panel; you look at it; shake your head and delete the damn thing so hard it echoes through cyberspace!

The point of this post, is to give advice to these spamming, senseless freaks:
If you have a reasonable site that is not full of affiliate links or hogwash, you can get backlinks from the comment sections @ random blogs and whatnot.
All you have to do, is add some intelligent feedback, related subject matter, a semi-amusing comment or perhaps, if you're desperate & pathetic, just a big slop of ass kissing the webmaster, may work for some.
BUT DO NOT leave a 3 word comment or some aimless statement with no sense of direction!

I'll give an example of what not to do:
Say, you're about to comment on a blog post that is elaborate and rich in detail. The post is about some tragic event and misfortune, and the other "approved" comments are giving empathic verbiage and so on. Don't self-invite your spammy ass into the comments by saying some BS like this, "Hey, great site. Thanks for the useful information!" We know you're just dropping by to get a backlink, so please run along and fall into a hole somewhere. Thanks for your time......


  1. Hey, nice site! Do you know anyone that needs website solutions or cheap web hosting services? Maybe a site builder or blogging tools? Thanks...

  2. Ha-ha-ha! You're lucky I know you!
    I hope we sell some hosting services later on or better yet, I hope we sell more of anything online. Online marketing is rough, after you've been out of the game for a few years. Although, one must put quality & original content ahead of these backlinks. Ha-ha! ;)

  3. I agree with the article. I own a blog about watches and get a lot of spam comments. I'll admit that I do commenting on other blogs for the backlink but I always try to be on topic. I don't understand the idiots that do like you mentioned in the article; "Hey, great site. Thanks for the useful information!" although I think a lot of those comments are automated. Still, you'd think even automated comments could be better.

  4. @Richard:
    Yeah, some of them are aimless and automated, but some of them are manually placed manure, as well. You can usually tell by quickly analyzing your traffic stats, but either way, if it is completely obvious spam and/or useless or stupid, their ass is deleted.
    Plus, what most of these spammy whackjobs don't realize, is that even if their comment does get approved or slides through without being moderated, most 'comment fields' nowadays have the 'nofollow' attribute automatically added, unless the webmaster manually removes it, so the backlink doesn't have much value at all, unless it is a 'dofollow' link. Then again, all things change from time to time, in the SEO world.

    Anyway, good luck getting those backlinks along with your website/blog(s) and endeavors towards online revenue, cyber-based success, etc.