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Thursday, February 4, 2010

More crap on the web & senseless How-to Advice

Yep, it has been one of those days where you get hit with stupidity from all angles, not just on the web, either. But, since this blog is mostly about making fun of imbecilic beings and doltish collections on the internet, I'll try to keep it somewhat related.

I've recently ran across an "article" that tells you what your automotive gauges are for. WTF? Oh, it was semi-elaborate as well, ranging from complex terms to describe what the heat gauge is creative adjectives for what oil pressure is...and don't forget those advertisements. I mean really, if you don't know the 'H' means HOT on the temp gauge, you really got a fuckin' problem! Please stay home or let someone else drive.

I also stumbled upon more of these "writers" out there giving advice on how to be successful selling adverts. If you take a look at some of their crap, I mean "work" and/or examples of crapola, it is pretty damn obvious they are just typing senseless babble to hopefully get an ad clicked. These freelancing fools are also the ones with hundreds of "How-to" pages or buyers advice "pages" that are scattered all over cyberspace! Oh man, I could give loads of examples of senseless how-to advice.

I've seen pages entitled with stuff like "How to use Google," "How to wash your cat," "How to set up a blog," "How to use your e-mail," "How to pick out a coffee mug," "How to eat corn-on-the-cob," and how to... Blah-blah-blah! This is the kind of crap that has littered the web! A lot of these people giving advice need to put their head in a vice and clamp at the next available second.

I'm still waiting on an article entitled "How to properly wipe your own ass!" Hold on a minute... Searching...
Oh my god! I found one on the web! Here it is: Click Here! At least that one was, well, amusing. Thanks for the excellent info, but you know what the sad thing is? There are some people out there that may actually need to learn how to wipe their own arse. I don't know which is more moronic, the ones that lower their self to write this junk or the ones that need this crappy advice for personal enlightenment. Damn! Why ask why, I suppose......

Update: Here is some recent slop that I wrote on an article-submit site full of amateurs and freelancing wanna-bes with a few good writers here & there, albeit the community is quite entertaining, at times...

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  1. LOL! Thanks for the laugh because I was literally laughing out loud! I don't know which was funnier, you searching on the web after you said, "I'm still waiting on an article entitled "How to properly wipe your own ass!" or the fact that you actually found a web page that covered this ass wiping subject! Hahaha! Many thanks for this piece.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it. ...But ya know, the sad part is...the fact that some of these morons could actually use a tutorial explaining how to properly wipe their own damn ass, along with other senseless how-to advice about asinine subjects that are splattered all over cyberspace. Cheers!