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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bodacious Babe - Succulent 'Sara Jay'

The famous Sara Jay is well known in the adult entertainment field, as she utilizes her physical assets to the fullest - during filming and in daily life. Speaking of her career in the adult entertainment industry, she is mostly known for interracial fornication albeit she's not biased or anything like that, when it comes to welcoming vaginal & anal penetration from all walks of life - no matter what race they are. This bodacious babe's main attributes are her succulent breasts and her plump, juicy, big & round booty. I wouldn't call this gal a cutie pie or anything like that, but her body totally rocks! She is utterly built for hardcore fucking & sucking, and this precious whore is an absolute porno galore!

Sara looks great in a bikini, seductive in lingerie, and even more appealing when nude - especially when she's feeling erotic and bent over in the doggy-style position, for example. The seducing S. Jay's measurements are estimated at 36FF-25-42. Dang, girl! 36FF boobs along with a 42 inch booty? What more do ya need? Hallelujah and a big lewd, sexually unchaste amen! Holla! ...Okay, enough said. Below, I'll provide some sexy images of Sara Jay...

Click on any image below, to enlarge for a better view:
Sexy Sara! Sara Jay - Erotic Babe Bodacious Bitch

Suck it!

Succulent & Juicy

Bikini Bliss

Bend over baby, I'm ready!

It's time for some oral action, while you're down there...

Oh, how so cute... ---End of Post "Bodacious Babe - Succulent 'Sara Jay'

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  1. Praise be big tits & asses! This professional whore is definitely a bodacious babe, as you say, thanks to Sara "Fuck Me Hard" Jay. Yay!!!
    This yummy slut has starred in many xxx films and Sara is such a succulent sex therapist - in all aspects!

  2. Well, being a whore is no longer a profession, since "everybody is doing it." Ha-ha!