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The Anti-Dolt Blog
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Working for nothing...

Are you working for nothing? I'm sure many of you have heard this trite sentence before, from several people: "I have worked for [x amount] years and I have nothing to show for it." Well, one could reply by telling 'em you have to work to live and living is something, but that is no longer true and therefore there are many people that are literally working for nothing

It's a sad reality here in America, when looking around and seeing that most of the people who buy the expensive steaks & seafood, live big without worry, have the biggest buggy-loads in the grocery store or supermarket, and so on, are the ones drawing welfare and free funds from the government. 

Then you have those who fake disability and get additional monetary rewards. It also disgusts me when I see people who have as many kids as possible, knowing they will never support them nor will they attempt to get a job, just to get an enormous amount of food stamps and whatever else heads their way via your tax money... 

These lazy deadbeats & lowlifes say "everything is free, free, free for me, suckers" as they hope everyone else keeps working to support their fat asses! Oh, it doesn't stop there. The majority of these sluggish gluts are overweight and if/when they have health issues & medical bills, they get them written off and guess who has to pay for it... Yep, the ones who are working for nothing. You plop your working, responsible ass down at the doctor's office, for example, and they will ask if you've got insurance; you tell them yes, and they will bill the hell out of you just to make up for the non-working, un-insured ones that they basically render services to for no cost or minimum billing. 

With that being said, the majority of the struggling (working) low-middle to middle class are often times working for nothing. Take rent, for example... You can pay rent for years because you don't want to borrow that much money for a loan nor pay all the closing costs & interest fees, and look at you at the end of that road; you have nothing to show for it after years of renting. 

You know, on second thought, I've changed my mind. You are not working for nothing, dear employed low-middle to middle class sucker, you are working for others! Just bend over, grab your ankles and let Uncle Sam ram his red-white-blue-dong up your sphincter because he's going to spend your hard-earned money in whatever way he deems necessary to keep those delicate, whiny, lazy, intentionally unemployed, pathetic titty-babies happy, whether you like it or not. So, as Uncle Sam most likely recommends, quit bitching & moaning, lube up your o-ring and be happy that your bunghole is being pervaded without your consent. Cheers!

Some fed up folks may like this image better:

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