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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Depiction of Favoritism...

Below, I'll unnecessarily provide the definitions of favoritism, along with a humorous, but true, depiction of favoritism in full swing.

Favoritism: (noun) - (1) Partiality - to favor one party over another; (2) markedly fond; (3) bias : prejudice.

In better words, it means to kiss the ass of certain individuals while, in the same process, taking a big shit onto others.

The depiction below portrays that favoritism is even taking place in the animal kingdom. Yep, that poor little bird is getting its head stepped on just so mommy can feed the pet, pampered, coddled, spoiled one... Damn, I see this at work all the time!

The only ones that say it doesn't exist are the ones getting it!---End of Post

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