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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Depiction of Laziness

This is a quick post that will consist of the definitions of lazy, along with a nice depiction of laziness. Yeah, we've all seen these lethargic slugs - most of them are unemployed bums, but the ones that do show up at a place of work, usually mimic an anchor/dead weight (sort of like dragging an anvil across a desert) that just create a burden on everyone else that has to carry their load in addition to their own job tasks at hand.

Lazy: (adjective) - (1) disliking activity or exertion; (2) encouraging idleness; (3) Sluggish; (4) Droopy : Lax; (5) not rigorous or strict.
Adverb = lazily, noun = laziness.


To read more about toilet paper, go here:

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