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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Heterosexual, Bi-Sexual, Homosexual Deers

Below, I'll provide a nature pic that involves 3 deers. It is not often that you see animals "line up" in such a fashion, if you will. I'm assuming they were just innocently posing for the camera, perhaps? Ha-ha! At any rate, that is not the real question at hand...

So, the doe up front must be the only straight, heterosexual of the bunch, and I'm guessing that buck in the middle must be bi-sexual or something, and finally, I surmise the buck in the back or shall we say "bringing up the rear," must be full-blown homosexual. LOL!

Ah, who am I to judge these naughty deers? Anyway, look below for the depiction of such bizarre occurrences that happen in nature, from time to time. We'll call it the "Deer Threesome" or possibly the "Queer Deers" and be done with it. Enjoy the laugh...

Queer Deers Is that what buck fever is really all about? Hmm, interesting......

---End of Post "Heterosexual, Bi-Sexual, Homosexual Deers"

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