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Monday, August 23, 2010

Say "No" to Veal...

Of course, you are free to consume or try to eat whatever you can physically cram into your mouth, if you desire. Some folks may like to eat roadkill (or mystery meat), for that matter. The point is, I love to devour a variety of meat - especially beef, chicken, and pork, but I'm not the only one who says "no" to veal. If you don't even know what in the hell veal is, that's okay; you'll find out soon enough...

Although, technically, it is considered beef, it is by no means your typical cow that you'd consume under normal circumstances. The people who raise this stuff, pretty much strip the young cows from their mothers, confine them to crates (although many have stopped the use of crates), intentionally let 'em become malnourished - hence the cows become anemic (this is why the meat often looks pale), inject them with drugs and loads of antibiotics to keep 'em from getting sick, kill them young after a cruel, inhumane, short life, and serve it to you as "veal - the tender beef."

This quote came from an anti-veal site: "The severe confinement and extreme dietary restrictions used in veal production cause calves to suffer from anemia, physical maladies and mental disorders while the high doses of antibiotics given to the calves threaten human health."

On this post, I'll provide a few links & images along with a quick video - enough to inform you about this subject.
Before I go any further, check out this video clip below:

[The Video Clip is no longer available, for some weird reason...]

Okay, now, I'll provide a couple images of cows that will become future veal. Yeah, they look real comfortable, huh?
Veal Punishment
Veal Cruel Related Links:
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Video Link:; [Link is no longer active]
Wikipedia Jargon:

---Hmm, after viewing the video and checking out the links along with the images, now do you see why I say "no" to Veal?

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  1. Well, I just checked out a few of those links, since it has been nearly 3 years since I posted this, and they all seem to be offline. Maybe it is just a temporary problem or maybe they said no to saying no to veal? Either way, I'm not eating the crap; cheers!