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Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is "Falling in Love"? Mental Condition?

All throughout my life, I have heard the phrase "falling in love" numerous times and often have wondered about just what in the hell that actually is. Is it a place? Is it a giant hole, perhaps a bottomless pit into an unknown abyss? Oh, I got it; it's a mental condition...

I've narrowed it down to simply being a mental condition or temporary state / mindset that only certain individuals will ever "feel" or claim that they have ever "fell in love."
If you notice, the people who go around talking about "falling in love" seem to always encounter this mental condition with every person they ever have a serious relationship with.
On the flip side, the ones who are like "WTF is that?," never seem to ever say or find this mysterious mindset of dramatic chaos.

Okay, lets clear this up real quick: You can love someone or care about anything, for that matter, without being in that fantasy, self-created state of "being in love." Some people, including myself, doesn't try to find this condition while in a relationship because, for one, it often mimics a mental disturbance that can only have huge letdowns, and two, we really don't know what in the hell it is.

It sounds euphoric and, at times, slighty mental or kooky to say "you're in love" and I must admit, sometimes you'd like to ram these folks' head into a dirty toilet and make them gurgle. Also, this supposed "feeling" is usually short lived and they often wonder what the fuck happened when it leaves their imagination.
The seeking of such make-believe things often creates another problem in relationships, as they simply do not work in most cases - if one or both people think you should be "in love."

Anyway, all this talk about love within this post is about to make me sick, so I shall end it for the romantics to squabble, spat, and cry over. Damn, this would have made for an excellent Valentine post or something... Ha-ha!

---End of this baloney post

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