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Monday, September 6, 2010

Now they say the term 'Midget' is racist!

'Midget' is not a racist term! What the fuck is going on here? A friend of mine, in disgust, sent me a link today to an F-Listed site that spoke about this subject:
"Midgets are petitioning the FCC to have the word 'midget' banned from broadcast TV because it is racist against small people."They went on to mention, "The group 'Little People of America' said today the word is just as offensive as racial slurs."
You can read more about it here: [link is no longer active]

Don't worry, this is going to be a very short post:

WTF? First of all, how in the hell does the word 'midget' relate to race, racist issues and/or racial slurs? Dwarfish beings are not limited to one certain race!
This clearly shows, once again, just how soft and fluffy this country is becoming. It seems that the majority of humanity gets more pussified every day. Anyway, this whole subject isn't even worth discussing, however, I'm starting to wonder what will be next...

So, folks, what's next? In the future, will it no longer be politically correct to call someone obese or overweight? What will the proper terms be, "gravitationally challenged"?
Will it eventually be considered wrong to call someone lazy, slow, or sluggish? What is the proper terms or "condition" that they suffer from then, "agility dysfunction"?
I think ya get the point! ...Sickening and pathetic, ain't it!!!
Midget Hookers?And afterwards...
Weird Midgets in the News - Hooker Trauma?---End of 'Midget is not a Racist Term' Post


  1. there is nothing creative about standing behind the "political correctness" argument to justify using bigoted language

  2. Hi, Gary! I'm not sure who or what you're aiming that comment at, since I'm not operating a "politically correct" blog, but regardless, the term 'Midget' is not racist or apart of some campaign using bigoted language.
    In the past, when people used the word midget, nobody thought anything about it. Nowadays, in this world full of pantywaist pansies, many individuals often cry & claim to have their rights violated if even the slightest unfavorable breeze blows their way.
    It is what it is.
    Hold on...
    My girlfriend just walked in and read this and said, "What's next? Should we not call a female a girl anymore? Or should we call them 'penile challenged' instead?"

    Well, what she just said would about equal the same futile, useless debate...such as trying to take the word 'midget' out of use or whatever.
    Damn, people sure have become soft over the last few years...

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by and commenting.