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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Silly Semantics...

What's a public, cyber-blog good for if you can't honestly comment on it without your comments getting fucking deleted like the pussy-ass blog administrators often do? Hell, I'll gladly allow all non-spam comments on my blogs, whether you disagree or agree with me. I'll debate with anyone as opposed to tucking and running like most folks do...

I just got a comment deleted and/or "unapproved" on some grammar worship site, and by looking at all the hug-hug-kiss-kiss comments on there, I can see why. Oh, wow! I didn't agree with their stupidity and wanna-be sense of intellect, so here I am, re-posting my comment towards their dumb ass, lackluster version of ape dialogue, on one of my blogs. At any rate, it all boiled down to silly semantics. Some whackjob was preaching to the crowd of nutjobs about all that was holy with their baloney belief that one should know all of these (very seldom used) words in the English language because, truth be known, it makes them feel smarter. I mean really, this article of re-fried shit was just plain silly and the "approved" comments of ass-kissery were even more asinine.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the use of various types of dictions, but I know that they are just that - as being a choice of words. Anyway, I'm not going to post a link to that post since, by me linking to it, I'd be doing them a favor via spreading their disease; but just imagine a blog post spouting off about the need for grammar supremacy and the comments below it where so fictitiously claiming their so-called "knowledge of language" in such a flagrant fashion, that it made you want to puke your fucking guts out.

Okay, imagine the blog post that I described above, in which I replied to; my rejected comment was as follows:

"Ahh, it just boils down to silly semantics. I hate to break the positive vibe here, but really, communication simply involves a relay of thoughts whether it is to convey emotion or command an order, and so on...
It's not that complicated and if, for example, one person has a fetish for synonyms while another individual doesn't, it only means they choose to express their selves with pizazz and variety while the other keeps to more primal thought transmissions without a diverse form of senseless chatter that often captivates many.
Linguistic obsession is just that, as vocabulary should never be considered an indicator of intellect nor should it be used as some condescending eureka that often proclaims a feign finding to some vast sense of communicable awareness.
I mean, really, what do you learn by finding endless ways to say the same things? I often use different words to be more concise, terse, and/or succinct, but I don't find glory in it, just efficiency.
I understand that grammatical fluency factors into good writing by being fluent with various dictions and whatnot - and very much so, but that is just one facet of humanoid expressions that may cause ripples and impressions in other people's life. Regardless, not saying you do, but many people really obsess over this kind of stuff...

You can know all or most of the words in the "man made" dictionary while being a complete imbecilic, doltish, moronic, asinine individual at the same time, for example. Yikes! I just defined the majority of our current legislative hogwash that often showers down upon the dominated public of a so-called democracy.
Anyway, this was a very funny post in its own right albeit I can't help but think about all the ones who read it, that actually think knowledge is found through fabrication as opposed to experience. Hmm, no wonder the majority has struggling cognitive function...
It would be like comparing an athiest to a theist who studies their Bible. Do you think the atheist should know all the terms a theist deems necessary?
Whatever... I guess that is enough verbiage from me for now, but poppycock still equals nonsense, hogwash, swill, slop, hooey, baloney, etc., blah-blah... Ha-ha!
Cheers! ;)

As you can see, my comment shouldn't have been deleted; but one must remember, I didn't kiss their ass and I was simply "telling it like it is." Yeah, so much for freedom of commentary on social blogs. If you're a pusscake, you don't deserve a 'comment field' on your blog, plain & simple. Maybe these folks need to have a private sector on the web that is limited to just friends & family; that's fine, but get off the mainstream topics that involves the rest of society, if you're such a pantywaist pansy of tulip heaven. Good day, now...

Fuck You!!! ---End of "Silly Semantics" Post

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