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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Common Complaints about Idiotic Drivers

As many of us know, the subject 'idiotic drivers' is probably worthy of a website by itself. However, this topic is so common, that one could probably report back to their blog (or whatever) every 3 out of 4 trips to town, with a crazy story to tell or a humorous rant to share. It seems that idiotic drivers are almost as abundant as the oxygen in the air or, in this case, CO2?

Anyway, I have an endless supply of complaints, but today I'm looking for the common complaints that involves the art of driving a vehicle. Seriously, what do you see happen the most, on the road, that bothers you? Now, sure, one would have more fun telling stories about the most bizarre road incident they have ever seen or the dumbest dolt on wheels they ever encountered, but that is not what this query is about.

For me, it is simple. Bright lights and Blinkers! I see this all the time in my area. Some semi-incoherent, imbecilic jackass driving ahead of me that slams on their brakes and turns left or right without ever hitting their signal light/blinker. This can happen in front of me or from the side or whatever, but regardless of the direction, it always pisses me off! The bright lights only happen at night, of course. I mean, I guess I suppose to be welcomed by your magnificent, gigantic spotlight-like beams that nearly blinds me in such a fashion that I nearly run off the road, but hey, who says flicking the low beams on is too much trouble?

Out of all the idiotic things I commonly see on the road, I witness those two the most. How about your area that is filled with humanoid drivers? I don't know about y'all, but my spaceship looks safer every single day. Now, if I could just get the crystal-based propulsion system fixed from my craft using these Earth-based alloys. Hmm...

Image Credit: Bing Image Search using the 'free to use & share' function. It was altered by my MS Paint program to increase the size, albeit the quality got lost during the process; ha!

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