I like ATM machines. It is a fairly old technology that involves being able to make bank transactions, etc. The primary function of this glorious machine, for most folks, seems to simply be for, uh, getting money. You know, like pull up to the drive-through ATM, roll down your window, slide your debit card in the slot and select how much cash you want and so on. Well, when idiots are involved, things can get very complicated for them and extremely aggravating for the ones waiting in line to get cash.

It doesn't happen to me that often, but when it does, it vexes me to no end. The other night, I needed cash so I went to my local ATM. I was the 3rd vehicle in line. Some idiot was "manning up" on the machine, evidently. He was driving some big-ass truck that resembled a U-Haul. Anyway, he was there for a long while, standing in front of the ATM as if he was waiting for money to descend from the heavens. He would sort of stagger around from side to side, press a few buttons, stand back, scratch his rectal region, then proceed with the same nonsense, over and over again. He did this for 10 minutes! My gawd! Just what all can you do with a freakin' ATM machine?

The line is now backing up to the road, people are already leaving behind me because they are tired of waiting. The guy now seems to be in a trance. There was one time I opened my door and looked out, just to make sure the guy was still alive or wasn't passed out on the machine. After a couple more minutes went by, the crazed moron finally got into his truck and left. He drove much quicker than he operated the ATM, to say the least. Have you ever been behind an idiot like that, at the drive-through ATMs? Sure, I know a person can check their balance and possibly do a couple more things, but what the hell? If it's a bad card or a lost password, you'd think he would have moved on with his life a little quicker!

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