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Sunday, February 8, 2015

M-theory, Superstring, String Theory and the Song of the Universe

Is there a baloney category on here? Well, I looked for one, but I didn't see it. Anyway, what is up with all the "theory of everything" babble on the web nowadays? It seems that every basement rat and high school dropout is coming out of the woodwork talking about the M-theory, the Superstring theory, or the newly revised String Theory. They keep chattering while I continue to listen to the song of the Universe in my head.

M-theory, not to be confused with the Multiverse Theory (good grief, we have a theory for everything now), is the more revised version that says we need 11 spatial (and space-time) dimensions for the mathemagic, oops, I mean for the mathematics to work.

The original Superstring theories involved 10 dimensions including the 3 in our 3D world plus the one for Time. It suggests that elementary particles are not point-like but are actually like vibrating strings. Yeah, like the ones strummed on a guitar while we are all unknowingly jamming to the song of the Universe. We must have 26 space-time dimensions for the original Bosonic string theory to pretend to work. I hope this makes sense to the readers. :/

The terms String Theory just more or less categorizes all of this mathematical gobbledygook into one category, that way it is easier for our tiny brains to not judge the music. I mean, if there is only one genre for everything, then how can we truly hate all of it? Well, don't answer that question.

I have even heard people try to fuse the Kabbalah into the String Theory stuff, and all I got to say about that is, "good for them." I don't care how you label the ongoing song, as it is what it is. We are all part of the unity, one way or another. The entire Cosmos is atomically connected, so what's all the hoopla & ballyhoo about these freakin' strings relating to Math~Magics?

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