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Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Ode to Valentine's Day Haters

Please note: Although I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day, I just made this short poem up for fun. It does not represent my true feelings about this day (albeit it's pretty close; ha!), etc., but I was trying to write about this subject while pretending to be encountering a sense of loathing, if that makes any sense. LOL!

Dear Valentine's Day, your pre-selected day is so awfully gay.
I feel the need to cast a stone towards your calendaring heart in hopes that you'll eventually decay.
I hate that guilt trip you often portray,
as my love for you will always be perpetually delayed.
This event sucks, for me, as I try to tell my girlfriend that it's just another day.
Why can't the majority realize that it's a commercialized heyday?

Full of aged chocolate and dying roses, this beloved moment is bound to be defunct.
Why can't every day be full of love while the make-believe Cupid lies metaphorically dead in some drunk guy's trunk?

I utterly detest Valentine's Day, and let me tell you why.
There is no need to pretend for a brief while, if you don't mean the things you cry.
Sure, I didn't bring you a dozen red roses, but I kept the thorns.
I like the painful memories, as that provides additional reasons for my scorn.
I am what I am, with or without your approval.
For me, Valentine's Day should be voted for an abrupt removal.

I hate you, so dearly, dear Valentine's Day.
If I was fake, I'd only say "I love you" on this day, and leave the rest for the expensive flowers to say.
But I'm true and genuine, so please let me live through this silly moment without another excuse left for this heartbroken day...

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