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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Quantum Joke: 2 people in the Wrong Conversation or World?

Ha! I just thought of this joke after retiring for a few minutes - back at my home spaceship. Anyway... A strange guy that appears to have had either too much to drink or too many happy pills, walks up to a quantum mechanic at the local grocery store.

Strange guy says: "Hey, dude, you look like one of those guys that fixes computers. My shit is broken or something. I do all kind of mad studies on there, watch porn and all that mess. It is like my quantum computer. Can you help me?"

Quantum mechanic says: "Interesting. I'm sorry to hear about the disruption of your bowels, but I do know all about quantum computing. In fact, I was just refreshing myself on quantum tunneling, which has many important applications to such devices."

Strange guy: "What? Quantum tunneling? Oh, you must surf the web for that freaky type of adult entertainment. Later weirdo..."

Quantum mechanic: It can also be called barrier penetration, and it is quite freaky, as you say. It is one of the more bizarre consequences of quantum uncertainty and wave-particle duality."

Strange guy: "You're sick, man. You are not penetrating any barrier of mine!"

Quantum mechanic: "It involves quantum particles 'tunneling' through potential-energy barriers that classical particles are forbidden to penetrate."

Strange guy: "Oh, hell no! You are not going to be using those toys on me either!"

Quantum mechanic: "Without this process, nuclei would not be able to decay by ejecting alpha-particles."

Strange guy: "That's called a climax you idiot. Oh my gawd! I'm never talking to strange-looking people again. I've totally lost my buzz now, you sick-twisted pervert!"

Quantum mechanic: "This is such a strange world we live in. I've got to stop searching for a quantum reality. Hmm..."


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