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Sunday, February 8, 2015

What happened to the Little Green Men?

Where have all the little green men gone? I rarely hear about them anymore. Has anyone else noticed this? No, I'm not talking about the little plastic army men that a lot of kids used to play with. I'm talking about the ones from the UFOs. You know, the aliens; ha! Out of all the reports and sightings, the most common ones are the little Grays with big black eyes. In the past, other common reports often detailed little green men wearing spacesuits. Some sightings even included antennas coming out of their heads and whatnot.

Now, since the Internet has blossomed into a conspiracy haven and a place for anything, really, whether false or factual, the alien talk has become more like Star Trek. We have more species of aliens than you can shake a phaser at! We've got the little Grays, the giant 7-9 ft. tall Grays, the big wicked Green Reptilian aliens, the Nordic humanoid-like aliens, and so many others. This is fine, but out of all the supposed races of aliens, why have the little green men taken a back seat? Did the Green Reptilian ones kill them off? Did David Icke's giant inner-world Lizards eat them? Did the Curiosity Rover from NASA run them off of planet Mars? LOL! Did they ever exist at all?

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