I've never understood this, at all. I mean, I've heard of Scientology for years and years, and it has seemingly achieved a cult status as time went on, but why? For one, I don't know if this post should go under ideology or the humor section, but either way, it is posted nonetheless. The founder of this, uh, belief system, is L. Ron Hubbard - which is no longer alive, of course. Anyway, he openly admitted to making the thing up and was clearly into writing science fiction novels, taking drugs, etc. He once said something about how it was stupid to write for a penny a word when you could be a millionaire if you were to create a religion. Well??? It sounds like he did, although he would probably turn over in his grave if he knew how much money he was missing out on now. Ha-ha!

I will provide a quote from a website that speaks about this L. Ron character quite elaborately: "The biography of L. Ron Hubbard shows a man who was incapable of telling the truth: a pathological liar who hated and despised humanity; a sociopath caught between the conflicting desires to earn the admiration of humanity, and his desire to inflict great pain and misery upon those who ignored him and refused him his self-perceived due measure of honor and reverie." Quote Reference - Citation Source: www.ronthenut.org [I think it is legit to provide short excerpts on this website as long as I provide the citation/source URL]

At any insane rate, I guess people like Tom Cruise and a few other "stars" helped boost the popularity of this so-called religion of Scientology, but what more does a person need to know, to realize that it's just one big load of steaming dung? I really dislike how they include aliens in their religion, too. None of the extraterrestrials I know would even think about taking part in those fantastical things that L. Ron Hubbard said they did. We come down here and splice some DNA, create stuff, experiment, perhaps probe a little bit, test a few cows, etc., but don't blame us poor little aliens on your humanoid shortcomings! My gawd! Isn't Scientology the religion that claims that if you reach a certain level, you can start flying around the room? They used to call that PCP (angel dust), but if anyone can prove that they can fly around the room without a witch's broom, Leonardo da Vinci gadget or any other flying apparatus, please let us know! LOL! Okay, I'm done with this post; ET phone home; peace out...

Hilarious Image Source: www.rationalitynow.com/blog/2010/04/04/anderson-cooper-keeps-scientology-honest/

---End of Post: "Why would anybody follow Scientology?"