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Monday, February 22, 2010

Evolution Gone Wrong?

This is a humorous fun post, to break the ongoing anti-moronic, stupidity hating, imbecilic repellent monotony that is often found here @! It is always good to change it up a bit, or at least at times... Yes folks, I'm about to post an image that depicts the very possibility that something has badly went wrong with evolution... Ha-ha!
Look below:
Evolution Gone Wrong! Well, after looking at the image above, what do you think? It looks like to me, we have ended up going back to our original crouch position. Sort of like the picture of the caveman that is cowering below... LOL!

Caveman makes fire...
Hmm, the ancient aliens should be disappointed about their previous project with the Homo Erectus. Ha-ha!

Update:  I recently found another photo that represents the humorous concept of "evolution gone wrong," as it depicts man turning into a pig...  LOL!  You can find that lovely image, below:

---End of Post

Tired of hearing about Global Warming...

Is it just me, or is anyone else tired of hearing about the Global Warming debates? You have one side saying the whole damn thing is a hoax, and you have another side saying it is real? Personally, I've always thought it was real, but I could have used some of that "warming" this winter because I currently have icicles protruding from my body, ha-ha!

Anyway, I did a blog post a while back that sums up my thoughts on this matter, in a much clearer way. I'll post the link in a moment. But first, I compare opposing views on one of the many aspects of Global Warming.

In this compare and contrast, it will feature 2 hubs from HubPages. One is talking about the effects on Antarctic ice being proof that Global Warming is real, and the other is talking about the ice at the South Pole being proof that humans are not responsible for Earth's warming effects.

Okay, here are other peoples' views & links:



Now, if you took the time to read both of those contrasting links about ice coverage in the Antarctic/South Pole, what do you think now? Huh, are you more confused? Just think, that was just one facet of Global Warming debates, as it covers at lot of aspects within this planet.

Okay, now back to my short, concise post. A while back, I wrote about how we need to redirect our focus to what is better for us & the planet, regardless of scientific data. With this attitude, it would speed up progress and mother nature would hopefully calm down a bit. Although, weather is unpredictable and reacts in a capricious fashion.

My post: We need to Redirect 'Global Warming' Debates
ice chunk
---How long will these "warming" debates continue......?

Additional, semi-related links from my Perpendicular Blog:

1) Has the Earth's Axis Shifted?  Polar Ice Melting...
2) Lake Vostok - Mystery @ the Center of Antarctica

---End of Post "Tired of hearing about Global Warming..."

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I need to sell Toilets...for all the crap online!

Seriously, do you need a toilet? How about a portable toilet? Do you need moist wipes for your delicate, sensitive areas? How about tissues and toilet paper? My god, I have seen so much bull-shit on the web lately. I just got done searching for a lot of science related topics, mostly theoretical subjects. Well guess what? The online idiots have started tainting this area as well.

Back in the day, if you were a dumb ass, you just stayed away from educated debates or educational subjects and, perhaps, simply stuck to comedy, senseless remarks, quick quips, and so on. People like you, didn't enter science forums and definitely didn't debate about physics, etc. Now, since nearly everybody has blogs, a website, or "writes" for free-to-join article-submit sites, you morons are virtually everywhere! Speaking of that, I'm going to give this "selling toilets" some thought, 'cause there is a lot of unattended shit floating around in cyberspace!

I have recently stumbled across some more cyber dung again; it was a whole group of science-haters - probably trying to support their religions, but that is not the point. These imbeciles were pretty much trying to say that all math, science, and physics is crap. They even called Albert Einstein an idiot; I admit his hair was a little funny, but that is freedom of expression. Ha-ha! Anyway, these clowns were also making fun of the possibility of multiple dimensions, string theory (although some of it does sound kooky), space-time concepts, and pretty much everything that involved a fucking brain. And during the whole spew of senseless shit they expelled from their mouths & anuses, they never gave one idea of their own.

The point is, it is a lot easier for these aimless dolts to tear down the ideas from other people, as opposed to them using their own cognitive reasoning. However, they must not hate on the field of electronics, even though man made it, or else their mentally challenged selves wouldn't have been online, to start with!

Bottom line, I'm the imbecilic repellent and I need to sell some whirling toilets. You wanna buy a brand-new shiny toilet? Do you need something portable or are you still undergoing potty training? Hmm, I may come back here (later on) and put up some septic related ads or something...... Although, I'd hate to be the septic tank in cyberspace trying to catch all of your sewage!

Addition: There was one good thing that happened on my last web search. Somehow or another, while searching for scientific theories about multiple dimensions and "String Theories"......I landed on a G-String site that was showing lots of hot babes. Hmm, I like the theory of the G-String quite well, ha-ha!

Random blog link: Leaf Blower - Insane Invention

Driving Advice: Merge Left means......

This is a totally asinine subject about driving advice but, unfortunately, there are some really dumb dolts out there! I'm starting to think, 10 percent or more of the automobile drivers out there, need to get the hell off the road! I'm from the south, so we're already notorious for breeding imbecilic beings; I understand this. What I don't understand, is the ones who can't even comprehend the damn road signs!
The reason for this post, is because I see this all the time: You're driving down the highway; the right lane is ending up ahead, you suppose to merge left, and here comes some idiot from the right lane driving up beside you or slightly in front of you. Well, as the right lane is ending and turning into one lane (to the left), something has to give. Either I throw on my brakes for your idiotic ass to pass or you simply lay back and merge left, just like the sign fuckin' said to do!
Oh, okay, I get it... You're so ignorant, you don't know what 'merge' means. Ha-ha! For some reason, your mentally challenged self (although you're driving a damn vehicle) doesn't know what 'merge left' means. Huh? You think it means to stay the hell away from the left? WTF? Did you even graduate Junior High School?
Lets take a moment and define 'merge' for these doltish rejects via Webster's Dictionary: 1) to blend gradually; 2) to combine, unite, or coalesce (fuse) into one.
If you really need a candid definition in colloquial English for 'merge left', it simply means: "eventually move your stupid self over into the left lane, dear dumb ass!"
Ahh, I hate giving driving advice, especially when it comes to telling morons what it means to merge left. Thanks; look forward to seeing you (again) on the freakin' freeway...

Now, on the contrary, if you were to see "Dangerous Curves" (hot babes) on the road, then you're totally exempt from this advice. Ha!

Why do some people always refer to God as "he"...?

This is a question I've wondered about, many times. Why do a lot of Christians and some other forms of religions, always refer to their creator God as "he." WTF? Are you saying 'God' has a divine penis or something? So, our entire universe was created from someone with a gender status? I'm not being an ass, but I just don't get it. If you're speaking of a divine nature, fine! I have no problems with religions or science, for that matter. But, when I hear of such godly maleness...I'm thinking more along the lines of an ultimate energy source or basically anything besides an almighty set of cock & balls. Ha-ha! Okay, maybe I went a little too far on this criticism, but I just get so tired of hearing "He this" and "He said that" during a lot of these Religion versus Science debates that are found on the web within forums, blogs, et cetera. I'm not biased either, considering I'm also a male. Or perhaps, I'm just a little tired of hearing the religious debates, period. Some of these ceremonial kooks and religious figures, are some real fucking whackjobs, let me tell ya!

I recently wrote an article that was titled "The Ultimate Queries - Creation Theories." <---Check it out, if you wish. I didn't write about believing in a certain belief; I tried to install the fact that nobody knows for sure, when it comes to creation theories and our existence. I also tried to integrate philosophy, science, religions, and mythology all into one center point of agreement...and this is nearly impossible. This particular blog post, doesn't have a lot of meaning behind it, other than me giving a backlink to a recent webpage I wrote that is semi-related to this subject of ultimate creation. Just think, there could also be multiple dimensions, as well. Bottom line, if you're curious, check out the first link I provided that was about the ultimate queries & creation theories...... But, if you enjoy entertaining chaotic thoughts, visit my page: "Manifestations of One."

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Imbeciles trying to get Backlinks in the 'Comment Fields'

For one, if you don't own or operate websites, blogs, or may not know what a backlink is. It means what it sounds like it means: a backlink is a link back to your site. Which, is a normal thing to try and achieve for SEO (search engine optimization) reasons, but that is not the point here. If you need me to explain to you what a 'comment field' is, please exit now......
For the ones that do run their own blogs or anything that has comment fields, you've seen these fools before.
The imbeciles that go to the trouble of putting their moronic alias in the 'name field', their retarded URL in the 'web address field' and leave a stupid comment in the 'comment field'...
It goes through your admin panel; you look at it; shake your head and delete the damn thing so hard it echoes through cyberspace!

The point of this post, is to give advice to these spamming, senseless freaks:
If you have a reasonable site that is not full of affiliate links or hogwash, you can get backlinks from the comment sections @ random blogs and whatnot.
All you have to do, is add some intelligent feedback, related subject matter, a semi-amusing comment or perhaps, if you're desperate & pathetic, just a big slop of ass kissing the webmaster, may work for some.
BUT DO NOT leave a 3 word comment or some aimless statement with no sense of direction!

I'll give an example of what not to do:
Say, you're about to comment on a blog post that is elaborate and rich in detail. The post is about some tragic event and misfortune, and the other "approved" comments are giving empathic verbiage and so on. Don't self-invite your spammy ass into the comments by saying some BS like this, "Hey, great site. Thanks for the useful information!" We know you're just dropping by to get a backlink, so please run along and fall into a hole somewhere. Thanks for your time......

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Hate Widescreen TVs & Monitors

Is it just me, or does anyone else hate these silly looking widescreen monitors and televisions? They are everywhere, nowadays. I did a search on the web, a few minutes ago, and I found some other people in forums, blogs or wherever, complaining about the same thing. The reason I mention this, is because it is getting so damn hard to find computer screens that are specifically made for 1280 x 1024 resolution, 800 x 600 for smaller screens and 1600 x 1200 for larger. WTF? Are they slowly going extinct?

I assume the marketers, manufacturers, and electronic companies that campaign for this widescreen junk...have somehow brainwashed the people into thinking that if it's not a fuckin' widescreen...then you must be out of date, behind, out of touch, and so on.

I understand we all have different taste; I'm just thinking there are more people who feel the same way. I can hear the defense for the wide-ass TVs, as they are trying to get a "theater effect" or whatever. Good for you; glad to hear about your living room being set up like a crazed, cinematic motion-picture theater!

I've seen several, and I detest all of 'em. Some of these so-called "advanced TVs" usually makes people look distorted with big heads or something. ...Or maybe I've just been oblivious to this particular advancement and have only seen the low-grade versions.
But my main concern, is about these mother fucking monitors. I know people that have TVs for those, as well. A goofy widescreen monitor not only looks stupid, to me, it makes me stray too far left or right - I feel the need to scan for shit that I missed on the sides; mind trick, surely. I can't help but call the ones I like (the box screens, square type), a "normal screen."
Anyway, lets get down to the point. I searched through Amazon and had some luck. I'll post a few links below:

[Links have been removed]

If you're seeking more selections, go here:
The 'Electronic Haven' via Amazon [Link has been removed]  and type in the Search Bar, for example, "19 inch Flat Panel Monitor" or 17 inch, whatever size you're seeking. And good luck trying to find a "normal screen" monitor. Once again, I hate widescreen!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Facebook Losers & Farmville Addicts

First of all, just my opinion, I think a lot of these community sites (I've never joined any of them but have seen 'em in action) and/or social networks like MySpace, Facebook, and so on, are full of senseless morons and with people that have nothing better to do.

For one, MySpace was originally designed (if not, it sure looks like it) for young school kids, not damn adults. But now, it has exploded into cyberspace and not only involves kids, but also: bored adults, weirdos, sexual predators, drug addicts & junkies, losers, people who can't even spell their own name correctly, a variety of imbecilic beings of all ages, actors, porn stars, cats & dogs (it's possible) and whoever else that dwells on this planet...all wasting each others' time by pretending to be someone they are not - all while safely hiding behind their computer. I'm sure, 1 out of every 10 or 15 users (if that) actually use it for its occasionally connect or keep in touch with friends & relatives...and for the young school kids: hey, you guys belong on that site.

Facebook sounds like one big fuckin' joke. I'm sick and tired of hearing about these Farmville freaks and/or addicts. WTF? Who would have thought a game like Farmville would have took off like that. Since when did we have that many people into agriculture? Oh wait a minute... It is cyber-agriculture; no work involved. Anyway... Facebook, I thought, was initially used to reconnect with old classmates, et cetera. Well, now it has turned into a moronic haven of utter asininity!

Okay folks, I found a nice YouTube Video for all the recovering Facebook losers & rehabilitating Farmville addicts!
Check it out below and enjoy:

Recover people! Go outside or something! Get a life! Ha-ha! It was a very amusing video, to say the least. I hope more people start leaving these "community" sites like that.
---Signing out......

Thursday, February 4, 2010

More crap on the web & senseless How-to Advice

Yep, it has been one of those days where you get hit with stupidity from all angles, not just on the web, either. But, since this blog is mostly about making fun of imbecilic beings and doltish collections on the internet, I'll try to keep it somewhat related.

I've recently ran across an "article" that tells you what your automotive gauges are for. WTF? Oh, it was semi-elaborate as well, ranging from complex terms to describe what the heat gauge is creative adjectives for what oil pressure is...and don't forget those advertisements. I mean really, if you don't know the 'H' means HOT on the temp gauge, you really got a fuckin' problem! Please stay home or let someone else drive.

I also stumbled upon more of these "writers" out there giving advice on how to be successful selling adverts. If you take a look at some of their crap, I mean "work" and/or examples of crapola, it is pretty damn obvious they are just typing senseless babble to hopefully get an ad clicked. These freelancing fools are also the ones with hundreds of "How-to" pages or buyers advice "pages" that are scattered all over cyberspace! Oh man, I could give loads of examples of senseless how-to advice.

I've seen pages entitled with stuff like "How to use Google," "How to wash your cat," "How to set up a blog," "How to use your e-mail," "How to pick out a coffee mug," "How to eat corn-on-the-cob," and how to... Blah-blah-blah! This is the kind of crap that has littered the web! A lot of these people giving advice need to put their head in a vice and clamp at the next available second.

I'm still waiting on an article entitled "How to properly wipe your own ass!" Hold on a minute... Searching...
Oh my god! I found one on the web! Here it is: Click Here! At least that one was, well, amusing. Thanks for the excellent info, but you know what the sad thing is? There are some people out there that may actually need to learn how to wipe their own arse. I don't know which is more moronic, the ones that lower their self to write this junk or the ones that need this crappy advice for personal enlightenment. Damn! Why ask why, I suppose......

Update: Here is some recent slop that I wrote on an article-submit site full of amateurs and freelancing wanna-bes with a few good writers here & there, albeit the community is quite entertaining, at times...

[Most of these pages have now been deleted and moved to my own blogs]
*Satire: Reasons for the Polar Shift - Revealed!
*Cosmic Poetry
*Theory of Evolution: Where is the missing link between Homo Erectus & Homo sapiens?
*Quantum Jumping vs. Deep Meditation & Creative Imagination
*Egalitarianism - Easier said than done...

---End of Post

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dangerous Curves

Well, this post is being placed here for contrast. We could use a little beauty right about now. You know, to take a break in the anti-dolt rants and stupidity-hating verbiage. So..., I'll provide a couple tasteful images below. Dangerous curves, anyone?

Feel better? Oh yeah, there ain't nothing like having some curvaceous babes in your path! Yummy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

What is all this hoopla & ballyhoo about freelancing?

WTF? Is everybody a "writer" these days. In a way, Ad Revenue has ruined the quality on the web. Nowadays, everyone is pretending to be a writer, while typing about stuff they have no clue about, just to try and sell an advert. Anyway, that is what all this ballyhoo & hoopla is about; it's about making money. Yeah, who would have thought, right?

Freelancing by Merrian-Webster's Dictionary is... Freelance (noun): one who pursues a profession (as writing) without a long-term commitment to any one employer.

Today's meaning... Freelance (noun): any person qualified or unqualified that is still breathing air, that can type hogwash or poppycock while placing advertisements on the same page as their existing scribble. Also, any entity who is free to lance crap into the web; crapola expert, spammer, etc.

Hey, take a look below... It's a picture of a newly upcoming, freelancing, publishing professional. Hmm, I bet the donkey I depicted below, could write better than some of the morons I have read lately. Ha-ha!

Man, things sure have changed...but there is still hope. The next time you start searching on the web, I hope you brought your imbecilic repellents! Those doltish bastards are rampantly lurking in cyberspace, so look out, folks......

Update: Here is some recent slop that I wrote on an article-submit site full of amateurs and freelancing wanna-bes with a few good writers here & there, albeit the community is quite entertaining, at times...

[Most of these pages have now been deleted and moved to my own blogs]
*Satire: Reasons for the Polar Shift - Revealed!
*HubPages' Subdomains vs. Blogger's Blogspots
*Cosmic Poetry
*Theory of Evolution: Where is the missing link between Homo Erectus & Homo sapiens?
*Quantum Jumping vs. Deep Meditation & Creative Imagination
*Egalitarianism - Easier said than done...

---End of Post "What is all this hoopla & ballyhoo about freelancing?"

Pornography is merely Adult Entertainment

If you're addicted to pornography, it is not the Adult Entertainment Industry's fault, it's yours.

The concept of porn being bad, just blows me or I mean, blows my mind. This falls back to the blame-shifting society that we live in today, always trying to point a finger at something to blame. In the past, I've had my share of affiliations in the Adult Biz, and believe it or not, for the most part, it is a pretty clean business. The people are generally happy, honest, and are good to work for - at least when it comes to selling their products.

I assume there are several reasons or issues that would cause some people to be in disagreement, when it comes to bringing xxx action to the screen. I'll briefly go over a few of them, but there are many others I'll intentionally leave out.

1) Now, if you have a conflict with pornography due to moral reasons or religions: Hey, that's fine. Everyone has the right, or should have the right, to believe what they want. But, if you disagree with adult entertainment or it offends you, simply don't watch it. I don't see the right for you to campaign against it, though. Let other adults think for their own self. Also, how can anyone say masturbation is not normal or immoral? If it makes you feel any better, there are members of the animal kingdom that regularly masturbate and watch others have sex. Then again, they only have the law of nature to obey - that being freedom.

Side note: What shows that I'm unbiased towards this subject, is that I rarely even watch it myself. Hmm, I think I got burned out on it when I was younger, somehow...overly curious or overly something or another; I suppose I was going through the strokes of life, ha! But, as of now, I have a more upright view towards this issue, without being in a cloudy haze of erotic bliss.
2) If pornography ruins your marriage, it was already ruined anyway. I mean really, if the relationship is that weak, it doesn't take much to destroy it.
Actually, there are loads of couples who mutually watch porn together and have fun. In a way, especially for couples who have been together for decades, it can help provide extra stimulation to sort of give them a lift to their love life - nothing wrong with that, is there? For example, some guys may look at pornography as simply being animated Viagra, and whatnot.
Yeah, I know, it's suppose to ruin marriages because of all the fake breasts, feigned orgasms, and overall unrealistic sexual fantasy that is brainwashing their husband or wife to such a degree that they are repulsed by their lover or it either gives one or the other an inferiority complex. Really? Once again, it sounds like the relationship was weak anyway. Maybe the porno just acted as a catalyst or something, and sped-up the obvious already-existing-problems that the relationship already had.
Are you still pointing your finger at the pornography for this reason? Nah, don't blame the innocent television or computer screen, blame the relationship.

3) This one, I really detest: The good ol' "I'm addicted to porn" crap. Are you? Well, that's just great. How many other things are you ALSO addicted to? Do you have a compulsive personality? Do you have certain routines or other things that you habitually do? This is one reason I think porn gets a bad reputation. Okay, to make my point: What if you're addicted to coffee, beer, or whatever? Does that mean nobody else should drink coffee or beer, just because you can't handle it?
I'm not jeering people with addiction problems, and I hope you find help. I'm saying, that it is not the pornography that did it, you was already like that.

I'm stopping right here, with those 3 main issues. There are too many to talk about. If you have another problem with this lovely subject, feel free to drop it into the comment section.

The bottom line: Standard pornography (nothing illegal or involving sex with animals or using bodily waste) is merely adult entertainment, nothing more.

Additional Non-Porn 'Image Gallery' Link: "Sexy Cheerleaders"