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Monday, February 1, 2010

Pornography is merely Adult Entertainment

If you're addicted to pornography, it is not the Adult Entertainment Industry's fault, it's yours.

The concept of porn being bad, just blows me or I mean, blows my mind. This falls back to the blame-shifting society that we live in today, always trying to point a finger at something to blame. In the past, I've had my share of affiliations in the Adult Biz, and believe it or not, for the most part, it is a pretty clean business. The people are generally happy, honest, and are good to work for - at least when it comes to selling their products.

I assume there are several reasons or issues that would cause some people to be in disagreement, when it comes to bringing xxx action to the screen. I'll briefly go over a few of them, but there are many others I'll intentionally leave out.

1) Now, if you have a conflict with pornography due to moral reasons or religions: Hey, that's fine. Everyone has the right, or should have the right, to believe what they want. But, if you disagree with adult entertainment or it offends you, simply don't watch it. I don't see the right for you to campaign against it, though. Let other adults think for their own self. Also, how can anyone say masturbation is not normal or immoral? If it makes you feel any better, there are members of the animal kingdom that regularly masturbate and watch others have sex. Then again, they only have the law of nature to obey - that being freedom.

Side note: What shows that I'm unbiased towards this subject, is that I rarely even watch it myself. Hmm, I think I got burned out on it when I was younger, somehow...overly curious or overly something or another; I suppose I was going through the strokes of life, ha! But, as of now, I have a more upright view towards this issue, without being in a cloudy haze of erotic bliss.
2) If pornography ruins your marriage, it was already ruined anyway. I mean really, if the relationship is that weak, it doesn't take much to destroy it.
Actually, there are loads of couples who mutually watch porn together and have fun. In a way, especially for couples who have been together for decades, it can help provide extra stimulation to sort of give them a lift to their love life - nothing wrong with that, is there? For example, some guys may look at pornography as simply being animated Viagra, and whatnot.
Yeah, I know, it's suppose to ruin marriages because of all the fake breasts, feigned orgasms, and overall unrealistic sexual fantasy that is brainwashing their husband or wife to such a degree that they are repulsed by their lover or it either gives one or the other an inferiority complex. Really? Once again, it sounds like the relationship was weak anyway. Maybe the porno just acted as a catalyst or something, and sped-up the obvious already-existing-problems that the relationship already had.
Are you still pointing your finger at the pornography for this reason? Nah, don't blame the innocent television or computer screen, blame the relationship.

3) This one, I really detest: The good ol' "I'm addicted to porn" crap. Are you? Well, that's just great. How many other things are you ALSO addicted to? Do you have a compulsive personality? Do you have certain routines or other things that you habitually do? This is one reason I think porn gets a bad reputation. Okay, to make my point: What if you're addicted to coffee, beer, or whatever? Does that mean nobody else should drink coffee or beer, just because you can't handle it?
I'm not jeering people with addiction problems, and I hope you find help. I'm saying, that it is not the pornography that did it, you was already like that.

I'm stopping right here, with those 3 main issues. There are too many to talk about. If you have another problem with this lovely subject, feel free to drop it into the comment section.

The bottom line: Standard pornography (nothing illegal or involving sex with animals or using bodily waste) is merely adult entertainment, nothing more.

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  1. Pornography may merely be Adult Entertainment, but Porno affiliates can really make some kick-ass cash by promoting such acts of erotic bliss. ...Now that's what I call "the money shot." LOL!

  2. Porn, porno, pornography, it is all the same - all in good fun, and the sticky "money shots" remain... Ha-ha! ;)